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Testing new biological plant protection products for effectiveness and practical feasibility
calendar 30/01/2015 · 0 Comments

A naturally occurring fungus codenamed ‘H39’ might be the long-sought biological defence against the dreaded apple scab. “This fungus has not only been tested for its ability to fight the pathogen. The new Select BioControl method was also used to immediately assess the practical feasibility of deploying it as a commercial product,” says Dr Jürgen Köhl of ...

Farmland Value Expected to Take Direction from Crop Margins and Interest Rates in 2015
calendar 30/01/2015 · 0 Comments

While cropland values in Ohio increased in each of the past three years,  several factors, including continued low interest rates, low debt-to-asset ratios and lower profit margins, are likely going to make for a relatively flat land market in 2015, an economist from Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences said. Ohio cropland value rose 8.9 ...

Free trade agreements provide export hope for struggling Australian vegetable growers
calendar 28/01/2015 · 0 Comments

Recently concluded free trade agreements with Japan, South Korea and China could pave the way for greater exports of premium Australian vegetable products according to a discussion paper released today by AUSVEG titled ‘Exporting Australia’s vegetables to the Middle East & Asia: Market analysis & overview.’ “Lower returns domestically can be attributed to an ...

UF researchers develop effective, inexpensive citrus greening detector
calendar 29/01/2015 · 0 Comments

While a commercially available cure for crop-killing citrus greening remains elusive, University of Florida researchers have developed a tool to help growers combat the insidious disease: an efficient, inexpensive and easy-to-use sensor that can quickly detect whether a tree has been infected. That early warning could give growers enough lead time to destroy plagued trees and save the rest. ...

Emissions from Crops POST note 486 issued by Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
calendar 28/01/2015 · 0 Comments

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology issued "Emissions from Crops" a POST note (486) on 20th January 2015. Agriculture contributes 9% of the UK's greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions burden and 10-12&% globally. Although there is a long-term declining trend from UK agriculture, the sector may account for a larger share of overall emissions in the future as other sectors ...

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