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Model I-drop Series - Normal Drum Dripper

by Irritec S.r.l.     based in Capo d’Orlando, ITALY

Leading product for the on-line drip irrigation. Constructed with techno-polymers of last generation in order to guarantee a long durability and high resistance to all common-used chemical products and fertilizers. High turbolent flow labyrinth which guarantees a long durability. High turbolent flow labyrinth which guarantees a long ...

Golf Courses

by Floating Island International (FII)     based in Shepherd, MONTANA (USA)

Golf course ponds can be very polluted due to the run-off of fertilizers used to keep the greens lush. A pond full of algae with a smell to match is not very attractive! BioHaven floating islands can reduce the algae and make the pond look great - perhaps with a Living Walkway which can also serve a practical purpose

Golf Courses

by Aeration Industries International (AII)     based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA)

Nearly all golf course ponds in the United States have water quality problems including algae, scum, stagnation and odor. These conditions are worsened by the nutrient-rich sanitary sewer effluent which is a growing part of course irrigation supply. The need for a solution becomes more urgent as upscale housing is increasingly integrated with new ...

Shrubbler 360° Pressure Compensating

by Antelco Corporation     based in Longwood, FLORIDA (USA)

A Pressure Compensating fixed diameter drip emitter. Gentle flow action with uniform coverage for all emitters on the same supply tube. Operating pressure 15 psi to 45 psi.

Mini Bubbler 360° Adjustable Flow

by Antelco Corporation     based in Longwood, FLORIDA (USA)

Gentle umbrella pattern. Flow and coverage can be altered by rotating the cap.

Model TOP 12 - Outlet Drip Emitters

by DIG Corporation     based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The TOP concept is designed for first time installations or retrofitting an existing sprinkler riser into an efficient 12-outlet drip irrigation system. The TOP concept utilizes unique self-cleaning, pressure compensating emitters enabling long runs with even water distribution from all outlets.

Urapivot - Center Pivot

by Grupo Chamartin, S. A     based in Madrid, SPAIN

Center Pivot Is a form of overhead sprinkler irrigation consisting of several segments of pipe on galvanized steel joined together and supported by trusses, mounted on wheeled towers with sprinklers positioned along its length. The machine moves in a circular pattern and is fed with water from the pivot point at the center of the circle. This ...

Valley - Model 5000 series - Center Pivot

by Valley Irrigation     based in Valley, NEBRASKA (USA)

You need to maximize yields and acres on small fields, too, and they shouldn't be treated differently than large fields. That's why we offer the Valley 5000 series center pivot, an irrigation machine that is as durable as the 8000 series, but specifically designed for your fields up to 60 acres. Like with all Valley equipment, your local Valley ...

VaraCorp - Horticulture Aeration System

by VaraCorp LLC     based in Austin, TEXAS (USA)

Placing dissolved oxygen into greenhouse irrigation water can pay huge dividends for plant nurseries. The reason is simple and straightforward, and it is based upon the phenomena of nutrient absorption. Nutrient absorption occurs in the root zone of the plant, and it cannot occur unless oxygen is present. At the center of every new cell in a plant ...


by OZOMAX Inc.     based in Shefford, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Pesticides are widely used in agriculture and although the health risks they pose are well known, their complete elimination from the agricultural process is difficult to accomplish.

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