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by YARA     based in Dülmen, GERMANY

'Fertigation' is the combined application of water and nutrients to a crop – a mix of fertilizer and irrigation. It can be adapted to all types of crops, but is most common in cash-crop segments, rather than broad-acre or arable crops.Yara has a wide range of fertigation and liquid fertilizers to meet any crop situation. Our full range of ...

Agricultural Irrigation

by Evenproducts Limited     based in Evesham, UNITED KINGDOM

Evenproducts is a specialist in manufacturing and supplying Agricultural Irrigation equipment, serving a diverse audience from an ideal central location, in Evesham.

Roto-Rooter - Root Destroyer

by Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.     based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA)

Roots from trees and shrubs frequently find their way into drain lines and sewer pipes. These tiny root hairs, if not properly controlled, can continue to grow inside your lines, blocking water flow and even causing the pipes to break. Roto-Rooter® Root Destroyer will kill the roots growing into the pipes and retard future root growth, without ...


by OZOMAX Inc.     based in Shefford, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Pesticides are widely used in agriculture and although the health risks they pose are well known, their complete elimination from the agricultural process is difficult to accomplish.

Agricultural Runoff Treatment

by PhosphoReduc LLC     based in Burlington, VERMONT (USA)

PhosphoReduc LLC has developed an affordable and efficient filter system (PR- 102) for phosphorus removal from agricultural tile drainage and other (silage, barnyards, manure pits) runoff  treatment.

RM - Irrigators

by Bay Irrigation     based in Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND

Today RM is one of the most important companies in the world specialized in the production of hose-reel irrigation machines, exporting in over than 40 countries all over the world. The subsequent specilization in hose-reel irrgation machines showed the ability of a company to think in an innovative way and to believe and pursue the aims with valid ...

Nano Flat Dripper

by Advanced Automation Systems, Ltd.(A.A.S)     based in Limassol, CYPRUS

Cost-effective. Ultra compact size. Large filter insert cross section. Turbulent flow through the wide labyrinth cross section. Higher durability than drip tape. Better CV than tape products.

Priva Maximizer - Horticulture Equipment

by Priva     based in Vineland Station, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Full control and knowledge of development in your greenhouse. Every grower wants full control and knowledge of what is developing in their greenhouse; the Priva Maximizer allows every grower to view, manipulate, modify and make decisions in real time on factors influencing their greenhouse climate, irrigation and heat management operations. The ...

Turbulent Drippers

by Mondragon Soluciones     based in Valencia, SPAIN

Suitable for intensive crops: fruits, citrus, etc or for installations where water quality is critical. Great uniformity of flow and low sensitivity to obstructions ensure a high performance in  cultivation .

Turbo Flat Dripper

by Advanced Automation Systems, Ltd.(A.A.S)     based in Limassol, CYPRUS

Cost-efficient and compact. Large turbulent labyrinth. Adaptable for hoses of varying sizes. Wide range of flow rates. Ideal for multi-season applications & subsurface installation.

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