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Aquacare - Multi-cell Biofilter for Fish Farming

by Aquacare Environment Inc     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

Multi-cell biofilters have automatic carbon source dosing. Bacteria are first starved of oxygen, then with the addition of supplemental carbon source remove the O from NO3. Carbon addition is controlled using an ORP sensor feedback loop.

Stevens POGO - Turf and Soil Insight Tool - Wireless Soil Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

The Stevens POGO is a portable sensor for turf and soil measurement that puts the power of the popular Stevens Hydra Probe in the palm of your hand and allows for easy soil measurement anywhere. Using built in Wi-Fi the POGO connects wirelessly with your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android smart phones and tablets to collect soil data using ...

Myron L - Model Ag-stik™ 599A - Agriculture Sensor Systems

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Features: Extremely simple set-up. Reliable Operation. Minimal Maintenance. Standard 115 VAC (230 VAC Optional). Sensor/STIK included with 10 ft. cord. EC Range 500-5000 μS/μM. NEMA 4X/IP65 Fiberglass Weatherproof, wall-mount enclosure with 316 stainless steel hardware standard.

Stevens - pF Sensor Matric Potential Probe

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

The Stevens pF Sensor measures the 'matric potential' of the soil. Also call 'soil water potential', a soil's matric potential is represents the force with which water is held within the soil and how much energy is needed to overcome this force to extract water from the soil.

Bioprocess Control - CSTR Bioreactors

by Bioprocess Control AB     based in Lund, SWEDEN

The Bioprocess Control CSTR bioreactors are constructed from the highest quality materials, and fabricated and tested under controlled conditions. All stainless steel utilised is highly resistant to corrosion and has been selected specifically for biogas and biofuel applications. The end result is a series of bioreactors specifically designed and ...

Model SPS - Sanitary and Industrial Pumps

by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group     based in Falmouth, UNITED KINGDOM

Whether installing in a new plant or seeking to replace an existing pump, MasoSine SPS pumps offer the ideal solution to improve your performance and minimise cost of ownership.

Bioprene - Thermoplastic Elastomer Tube

by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group     based in Falmouth, UNITED KINGDOM

Bioprene thermoplastic elastomer tube is fully approved for food and pharmaceutical applications. Bioprene lasts at least ten times as long as other tubing materials, thereby reducing stoppages for tube changes. Ideal for high pressure applications with excellent chemical resistance.

Pieralisi Pasteurizer - Model PC Series - Skid-Mounted Plate Heat Exchangers

by Pieralisi Group     based in Jesi, ITALY

The Pieralisi skid-mounted milk pasteurizing systems have been specially designed and manufactured to meet the needs of customers processing from 1,000 to 10,000 l/h of milk for food or industrial use. Each single component complies with the most advanced technical standards in force. The Pieralisi pasteurizers series PC are divided into two ...

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-96718 - Iodine Photometer

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

The Hanna HI 93718, a microprocessor-based meter with lab-grade accuracy, determines iodine levels in water inexpensively and in seconds. The disinfectant properties of Iodine have led to its use as an alternative to chlorine and bromine. Unlike chlorinated pools, water treated with iodine decreases eye irritation among swimmers, and provides a ...

Valvan - Semi Automatic Bagging Press for Natural Fiber

by Valvan Baling Systems NV     based in Menen, BELGIUM

This type of press is especially designed to put natural fiber (like shives of flax, hemp and other natural products) into bags. The bag has to be applied on the exit channel by hand.

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