5000 - Green Mulcher

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5000 - Green Mulcher

A major pineapple growing and canning company located in the south of the Philippines is utilizing three of the Brown Bear GM5000 machines to mulch and shred pineapple plants prior to land preparation. The new GM5000 units are custom designed and built to work the pineapple fields prior to land preparation. With the front mounted flail cutter and counter rotating rotor the heavy free swinging heat-treated flail knives lift the pineapple leaves and stems mulching them before the tires run over the plants. The 350 HP unit is equipped with a dual hydrostatic system with one system driving the cutting rotor while the second hydrostatic system drives the ground drive system.


The machine comes standard with an automatic load control system that maximizes ground speed and production without taxing the diesel engine and a standard accumulator boosted head floating system for both lift and tilt.  GM5000C is available with a 28' DIA X 8' wide OR 36' DIA X 8' wide flail heade for deeper muclhing and soil incorporating. Average mulch rates of 1.5-2.0 acres per hour are possible depending on plant density and terrain.  Eliminate costly, time consuming multiple disc harrow passes and compaction, reduce cycle and land preparation time, reduce overall land preparation costs by first making a mulch pass with the GM5000.   The GM4000 with a 250HP diesel engine,A 28' DIA X 8' wide mulcher head and the same systems is also available.

Brown Bear Corporation
Brown Bear Corporation
2248 Avenue of Industries
Corning ,  IA 50841


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