- Model 2000 - Conventional Fertigation Controller

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Agrónic  - Model 2000 - Conventional Fertigation Controller

Equipment for the control of irrigation, fertilization, fertilizer mixing, pumping and filters cleaning, with detection of malfunctions and display of data. There are models with 6, 12, 18 and 26 independent outputs, plus 5 signal inputs. It is programmable for time or volume. Option of the remote management via SMS messages, as well as a PC link or irrigation community program via GPRS.


  • Capacity for 31 independent or sequential programs.
  • Possibility of sectors grouped in a singleprogram.
  • Programming can be for daily or weekly action or with several activations every certain period of time on program number one.
  • Up to 8 sectors can be operated simultaneously (configurable).
  • Also manual activation and deactivation of programs, outputs and filters.
  • Irrigation program starting by input connected to an external sensor, being able to do an irrigation sequence to be disconnected in manual mode.
  • In a sequential programming of the irrigation, it allows alternating each time the start to a different program of the sequence.


The equipment can be configured for 0 to 4 fertilizers, in separate tanks, with the following configuration possibilities:

  • pre-irrigation m3.
  • post-irrigation minutes or m3.
  • separation minutes or m3 between fertilizers.
  • fertilizer pump, when there are more than 1 fertilizer tanks.
  • mixers for each fertilizer tank.
  • pre-mixing minutes.
  • continuous, intermittent or stopped mixing while it fertilizes.

The value of application of each fertilizer can be programmed independently for each program.
The fertilizers can be applied:

  • In “series”, one after the other with only one injector, and if it is working by volume only one counter.
  • In “parallel”, several fertilizers at once, with one injector for everyone, and always by time.

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