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Algae, food crops, grassy and woody plants, residues from agriculture or forestry, and organics from municipal and industrial wastes are examples of biomass that MRIGlobal uses to solve carbon management, energy, and environmental challenges. MRIGlobal specialists in biotechnology, chemistry, systems engineering and bioinformatics deliver integrated research and development services, for every step of the product development life cycle, from concept to market.

Our Capabilities

  • Identify and optimize algal species
  • Unique bioreactor technology with operating open pond “raceway” cultivation and closed-loop photobioreactors
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration and carbon management analysis
  • Biofuel production engineering, extraction and fermentation processes
  • Cultivate, evaluate, and enhance plants, residues, and crops as cellulosic biomass
  • Bench tests, pilot tests, and field trials
  • Transportation logistics and commercial-scale production analysis
  • Expertise in regulatory requirements
  • 230 acres of experimental agriculture field stations

MRIGlobal’s Biomass Successes

  • Center for Integrated Algal Research offers a full spectrum of resources to optimize algal species and develop algal-based technologies
  • Improved utilization of biomass with advanced applications and processes
  • Carbon management technology, nutrient recycling and land management processes deployed in custom solutions for sustainable utilization of resources
  • Alternate sources of renewable energy, such as prairie grasses and switch grasses, are being evaluated and developed
  • High-value co-products developed from biomass, including biochar and fertilizer materials, which improve economic viability and environmental stewardship
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Kansas City ,  Missouri 64110-2241

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