Impact Sprinkler

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Impact Sprinkler

Mini irrigation units are next stage in the evolution from traditional irrigation with its large flow, high pressure and long jet range (self-propelled and large-scale irrigation units), increasingly impractical these days due to its questionable effects on crops and the environment.
In fact an old-fashioned irrigation system can be replaced with standing irrigation units with low flow rates, low pressure and short to medium jet range. The lower volume is the meeting point of localised drip irrigation and traditional irrigation methods. Low flow is not an alternative to drip irrigation, but often complementary to it.


  • Energy saving: The system operates at low pressure (2 to 5 bar), low flow rate and low precipitation rate, from 2 to 5 mm/h, equivalent to 20-50 m³/h/ha.
  • Saves water and fertiliser by greater control of soaking depth in the soil due to more efficient system
  • Reduced costs of installation: the use of pressure compensating irrigation units with low flow rate allows branches to be longer.
  • Reduced labour costs: greater areas can be irrigated with the same amount of available water, and the system can easily be automated.
  • Excellent flexibility and adaptability to crop and land conditions (large and small plots).
  • Central or head installations (pumping, buried and surface tubes, filters etc)  are smaller and therefore less costly than in similar systems.


  • Light Weight No Rust - Glass Filled Nylon and UVR PVC Construction
  • Modular Design • 15-25GPM per Tank-Add as Many Tanks as Needed
  • Minimal Back Flush Water - Individual Back Flush Valves
  • Two Wire Back Flush Controller - 96 Station Back Flush Controller
  • Pressure Switch
  • Similar Foot Print As Existing Sand Media Tanks
  • Back Flush Water Recovery System Available
  • No Pressure Sustaining Valves Needed for Back Flush
  • No Forklifts Needed - Easy Installation
  • Only 5 Gallons of Media Per Tank
  • Available with Groove Inlet / Outlet or Union Connections
  • Supplied with Air Release Valves and Pressure Gauges
Irritec USA Inc.
Irritec USA Inc.
1420 N. Maple Ave.
Fresno ,  California 93703



Irritec Corporate Video - 2015 Video

Irritec presents the new corporate video. A journey through the advantages of drip irrigation, which guarantees lower environmental impact, water-saving, economical and higher productivity. But also in technological innovation, in continuous research and in the professionalism of our company.
Irritec in the last years has grown considerably through targeted investments that resulted in the opening of factories in Spain, Mexico, the United States of Am

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