Agricultural Tires

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Ancient water robotics and Abou-l Iz Al-Jazari

    Although water resources have been developed throughout the centuries for the service of different civilizations, at different scales and in different regions, their use in automation has been conceived only recently. Research into the history of water from an automation point of view has led to some unknown or hidden facts. Starting from the ancient Greek period before the prophet Christ and ...


  • Michelin introduces four new farm tires

    MICHELIN® Agricultural tires is launching four new tires for tractors, sprayers, harvesting equipment and large implements in North America, as well as an industry-first satisfaction guarantee on the well-known Ultraflex line and a new mobile ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Front Telescopic Arm

    Front Telescopic Arm

    Front telescopic arm for equipments to be fitted on: agricultural loaders, skid-loaders, wheel loaders, telescopics, backhoe loaders.Consolle comando elettrico ON - OFF. ON-OFF electric control table