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  • Why We Launched Indigo Transport

    Why We Launched Indigo Transport

    The automotive industry boomed in the United States during the mid-twentieth century. This paired with the development of an interstate highway system led to a new method for the transport of agricultural products: trucking. Hauling grain by truck became a potentially cheaper and more efficient alternative to trains and steamships, depending on the distances involved. Access was the critical ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Heavy Duty Off Road Application

    Heavy Duty Off Road Application

    Interlube HDI is designed to provide grease to single line progressive distribution systems. Grease is delivered in predetermined ratios from distribution blocks, sizes .07cc, .10cc, .15cc, .22cc, .30cc, .40cc, .50cc. The HDI lubrication system consists of a built in timer, pump and series progressive blocks. At a predetermined interval the timer will energize the pump motor which in turn rotates ...