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Agricultural Waste equipment for Agriculture Management

  • Clamshell Buckets

    Clamshell Buckets are hydraulic equipment which are available in two main categories: for digging: with vertical cylinders and the profile of the tines is designed to ensure a high penetration; for loading: with horizontal cylinders so as to reduce the overall height and geometric design of the tines allows maximum filling.

    By Rozzi SpA based in Seniga (BS), ITALY.

  • Model EG - Spreader

    SAUERBURGER'S Spreader EG gives your animals a sturdy bed of cut straw, sawdust or other suitable materials without manual work by simply driving past.

    By Sauerburger Traktoren und Gerätebau GmbH based in Wasenweiler, GERMANY. from Spreader Product line

  • Protect Environment from Recycling Agricultural Waste into Biomass Fuel

    How do you usually dispose of the agricultural wastes, such as crop straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corncob and giant grass? Burn them? Pile them up? Or just leave them where they are? Here another more lucrative method is introduced: To produce them into pellets with the help of biomass pellet plant.Features of biomass pellet plant1. One-stop ...

    By Whirlston Pellet Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Utilization Of Biological Waste

    TECHNOLOGY In the ATON-HT company it has been worked out an unique microwave technology to effectively remove organic impurities like veterinary wastes, post slaughtered wastes, meat wastes, food wastes, poultry-farming wastes, sewage wastes, etc.

    By ATON-HT S.A. based in Wroclaw, POLAND.

  • Linton - Permastore Tanks

    Permastore offer a range of products to meet the needs of its customers.  PERMASTORE Glass-Fused-to-Steel modular bolted tanks and silos is the premium product and is suitable for municipal, industrial, agricultural, mining and biofuel requirements.  When project budgets demand a less expensive, more economical solution, Permastore can ...

    By Linton Solutions based in Lisburn, UNITED KINGDOM. from Permastore Tanks Product line

  • Faster - Model 4BM4DCPV - Castings with Couplings for Agriculture

    Cast iron blocks equipped with two 1/2' cartridges complying with ISO 7241 part A standards. Push-pull connection. Great ease to connect and disconnect agricultural implements thanks to relief of internal residual pressure ensured by the lever. Breakaway feature. For additional information on these products, please contact Faster.

    By Faster S.p.A. based in Rivolta d`Adda (CR), ITALY. from Castings with Couplings for Agriculture Product line

  • Plaswood Plastic Lumber

    It is the only product on the market made from waste agricultural plastics, mainly used silage stretch wrap and crop cover. Silage stretch wrap in particular is an excellent feedstock for Plaswood, as it is an octane linear plastic, meaning a technically superior and strong material.

    By Ecogrid Ltd based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Plaswood Plastic Lumber Product line

  • Material Drying System

    With Agregatas capabilities our customers can benefit from using technologies for alpha-alpha, manure and other agricultural residuals processing. Drying systems as well as modern process control system allow safe and stable operation for your business.

    By UAB Agregatas based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from Material Drying System Product line

  • Hydra - Bio Sludge Buster (Farm Waste Control)

    Bacteria accelerates natural break down of farm organic waste. Clears blockages, prevents blinding screens, liquefies crusts in slurry pits. Eases emptying of pits and tanks, reduces bad odours and flies. Shelf life 2 years, 1 Kg treats up to 50m³.

    By Hydra International Ltd based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bio Sludge Buster (Farm Waste Control) Product line

  • Lignin

    Lignin is an important building block of biomass as agricultural residues and forest produce. Lignin has a high calorific value and can be used as fuel in a combustion process. Lignin is also of interest in other applications such as concrete aggregates and the production of other chemicals.

    By The SEKAB Group based in Örnsköldsvik, SWEDEN. from Lignin Product line

  • Faster - Model 6BM6DNPV - Castings with Couplings for Agriculture

    Castings with couplings for agriculture. Series 6 couplings allow to connect and disconnect under residual pressure on both F and M sides. For additional information on these products, please contact Faster.

    By Faster S.p.A. based in Rivolta d`Adda (CR), ITALY. from Castings with Couplings for Agriculture Product line

  • Linton - Pumps & Mixers

    Linton Solutions offer a wide range of pumps and mixers for agricultural and industrial markets:

    By Linton Solutions based in Lisburn, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pumps & Mixers Product line

  • AgroResin

    It is a plant fibre composite, composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. As the source of these atoms are carbohydrates from agricultural residues in the vicinity of manufacturing, the composites are based on a contemporary carbon source, and not a fossil fuel carbon source. Raw materials of AgroResin are replenished every few months or annually ...

    By Grenidea Technologies Pte Ltd based in SINGAPORE.

  • Biodry Fuel Generation-the Technology

    In the presence of air, any material which contains organic matter (whether in solid or dissolved form) decomposes through a sequence of biological conversion stages into the final end products carbon dioxide, water and inert solid matter.At the same time, the biological activity leads to a temperature increase in the material as result of this ...

    By AP Business & Technology Consultancy (APBTC) based in Mt Waverly, AUSTRALIA.

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