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  • Fertilizer Industry: New Fertilizer Plant Eliminates Toxic Fumes with Special Scrubbers Case Study

    Effective control of toxic emissions from fertilizer plants, has been demonstrated in the South American countries of Colombia and Venezuela. A jointly operated process plant in Monomeros Colombo Venezolanos, produces caprolactam for the textile industry and various chemical fertilizers for agricultural use.Agricultural plant capabilities were recently increased with the addition of process units ...


  • Helicopter spraying is dangerous, drones will replace It

    CHAMPAIGN — With hot, rainy weather this spring, fungi have had an ideal environment to grow in. That`s kept helicopter pilot Frank Pagel busy spraying fungicides on area farms. "We`ll sit in these things 12, 14 hours a day, and it`s ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Broiler House Exhaust Air Washer

    Broiler House Exhaust Air Washer

    Pollo-M is a single-stage chemical exhaust air washer for use in broiler growing. The filter element is mounted horizontally in the exhaust air tower for a large contact surface. Sulphuric acid acidifies the process water that is sprayed onto the packing so the water reaches a pH value of ≤ 3.3.