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  • Perforated Films
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    Perforated Films

    By RKW Hyplast NV

    Bring forward the harvest and protection against frost. Perforated films create a microclimate. Thanks to this, they protect the young plant from possible damage due to light frost. Besides, a higher temperature and ...

  • Supesilos Film
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    Supesilos Film

    By Valota SpA

    Our new “Supesilos” film has revolutionised this field: its primary quality is its reduced thickness, 115 micron, thus making it far more flexible in its use, compared to the normal 200 micron film.

  • Transparent and Flexible Underlayer Film
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    Transparent and Flexible Underlayer Film

    By Trioplast Industrier AB

    Transparent and flexible underlayer film which is placed directly on the crop, underneath the original wide sheet film to give extra protection. This results in reduced risk of air bubbles and spoilage. The film is easy ...

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  • Argus S.C.

    Argus S.C.

    Argus s.c. is a Polish trade company active since 2005. Our main goal is to facilitate business relations between Polish and foreign companies and to ...

  • worldvina

    World vina has provided a wide range of high quality HDPE film, LDPE film, Agriculture film, Pallet cover, Contruction film, Stretch film, Packing ...

  • Vatan Plastik

    Vatan Plastik

    We are the leading exporter and manufacturer of agricultural films and LLDPE packaging materials and agricultural films industry in Turkey since 1957 ...

  • D.N.M, AG Supply, Inc.

    D.N.M, AG Supply, Inc.

    D.N.M, AG Supply, Inc. represents the world leaders in the ag-industry thru partnerships and alliances. The company has a vast experience in ag ...

  • Green-Tek Inc.

    Green-Tek Inc.

    Green-tek is a one-stop manufacturer and provider of greenhouse components for every horticultural need. We partner with the best distributors, ...