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    SediMax - Model SW12 - Straw Wattle - Datasheet

    The SediMax-SW12 shall be composed of agricultural straw and be wrapped in tubular UV-stabilized synthetic net. The netting weight shall be 0.35 oz/linear ft and shall be made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) photodegradable oriented net with carbon black for UV inhibition. The netting shall have a diamond shaped aperture measuring 0.50 x 0.50 in (1.27 x 1.27 cm). The wattle ends will be ...

    By North American Green

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    SediMax - Model SWB9 - Straw Wattle Biodegradable - Datasheet

    The SediMax-SWB9TM shall be composed of agricultural straw and be wrapped in biodegradable tubular organic, woven jute net. The netting weight shall be approximately 1.28 ounces/ linear ft. and shall be made from Leno woven, lightweight woven jute netting. The netting shall have aperture openings measuring 0.50 x 1.0 inches (1.27 x 2.54 ...

    By North American Green

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    SediMax - Model SW9 - Straw Wattle - Datasheet

    The SediMax-SW9 shall be composed of 100% agricultural straw and be wrapped in tubular UV stabilized synthetic net. The netting weight shall be approximately 0.35 ounces/linear ft. and shall be made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) photodegradable oriented net with carbon black for UV inhibition. The netting shall have a diamond shaped aperture measuring 0.50 x 0.50 inches (1.27 x 1.27 cm). ...

    By North American Green

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    US-2S NN Double Net Wheat Straw with Natural Netting - MSDS

    Physical Description: Size: Available in 16’ and 8’ widths and 112.5’ and 562.5’ lengths (Custom cuts are available upon request). Netting: Top net- 1.0” x 0.5” opening, approximately 9.3 lbs/1000 ft2. The netting is made from fully biodegradable organic jute fiber, that is LENO weaved for a higher quality product. Bottom net- 1.0” x 0.5” opening, ...

    By L & M Supply Company

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    Rest Easy Bed Bug Control for Luggage & Mattresses - Brochure

    Bedbug Control for Luggage & Mattresses is a conveniently sized and ready-to-use water based permethrin spray that kills bedbugs and other insects on contact. Ideal for both business and leisure travelers, Bedbug Control for Luggage and Mattresses is specifically designed to protect you and your travel bags from 'pick-up' pests such as bedbugs, fleas, lice, ticks and clothing moths. The water ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Nixalite - Model Stick-Em - Glue Traps for Snakes - Brochure

    Nixalite offers the low cost Stick-Em Glue Traps for low cost, indoor snake capture and relocation. Stick-Em Glue Traps for Snakes will trap and hold snakes of all sizes and species. Each trap is completely covered with the ultra-sticky glue that can securely hold snakes, rats, mice, spiders, scorpions and other nuisance insects. There are no guarantees when it comes to trapping. The best chance ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Nixalite - Model II - Kills Bedbugs Spray - Brochure

    KILLS Bedbugs II is a Ready-To-Use water based Deltamethrin spray that quickly kills bedbugs and other listed insects on contact. For use indoors on tough re-emergent pest bedbug (Cimex letularius) problems. KILLS Bedbugs II is designed to be a spot control and crack & crevice control for bedbugs and the other listed insects. It kills pests on contact and keeps killing them for up to 16 ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Nixalite - Migrate for Agriculture Bird Repellent Brochure

    Migrate for AgricultureBird Repellent for BerriesMigrate for AgricultureBird Repellent for BerriesCGRejex-it® Migrate™ for AgricultureWeather Conditionsmakes treated cherries, grapes and blueberriesunpalatable to birds. It works as a sensory repellentand irritates the mouth and stomach of birds who try toingest the treated berries, without causing adversephysiological reactions in the birds. ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

  • Model TS 10001 - Agricultural Trailers Brochure

    Agricultural trailers type TS are designed mainly for transportation of bulb and root plants. Smooth inside of body reduce to minimum damages of agricultural products during loading and unloading. Products can be comfortably, efficiency and safely unloaded thanks to hydraulic opening back wall. This type of trailer is successfully used for transportation of corn and grain. High leaktightness of ...

    By METALTECH Sp. z o.o.

  • BasilProtect - Herbs Aphid Species Parasitoides Brochure

    BasilProtect is the optimal aphid control solution for herb growers in protected cultivation. Just a few chemical pesticides are available and up to now biological solutions have been able to combat only a limited spectrum of aphid species. BasilProtect fills this gap, because it contains various aphid enemies. As a result, it controls all common aphids. And it comes in ready-to-use units, which ...

    By Viridaxis SA

  • NEEMNEMATE - Granulars Brochure

    NEEMNEMATE is a novel granular pesticide of botanical origin used for the control of soil borne pests including nematodes. It is recommended for soil application. The active ingredients include a careful blend of Neem seed constituents collectively called “Neem Bitters”. They are coated or absorbed on to a selective carrier material of agricultural origin so that persistency and ...

    By AgriInfoTech, Inc.

  • Ultravent - Insect Proof Nets- Brochure

    Ultravent is a specially designed net for installation on warm greenhouses openings. It has been developed by Texinov in collaboration with the French National Research Institute for Agriculture (INRA) and patented. Its special mesh enables exclusion of the smallest pests (bemisia, aphids…), while optimizing ventilation (+30 to 40% more air than a conventional net). The very thin yarns ...

    By MDB Texinov

  • Case Study: Organochlorine Pesticides Remediation Study: Former Pesticide Storage 150

    Case Study:  In 2013, a laboratory treatability study was performed to determine the impacts of BioBlend treatment on soils from a former agricultural facility where pesticides had previously been mixed and stored. Four formulations of BioBlend were tested. At the end of the 10-week study, all four formulations showed reductions, the most effective of which achieved reductions of 69% to 98% ...

    By BioPath Solutions

  • Pest Control Sprayer Products Catalog

    Agricultural & Industrial Sprayers, Trailers & SuppliesPest Control Sprayer Book2016Effective Date : 01 / 01 / 2016Welcome to the Pest Control Sprayer BookFor 45 years, PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc. has been an innovative leader in the construction and manufacture of Agricultural, Industrial, Pest Control, and Turf Sprayers. It is our goal to provide each customer with easy access to one-on-one ...

    By PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc.

  • Model SP - Vine Shoot Tipping Machine Brochure

    This equipment is used to remove shoots from the trunk or main arms of the vine, acting simultaneously as a 'natural weed killer', freeing the area between the rows of vines from infesting ...

    By RCM srl

  • Company Overview Brochure

    ...your frontrunner in the fieldFuture spaying technique Concept descriptionWithin the last two years, Danfoil a/s has completed five significant projects, namely:• to obtain approval for the Danfoil concept following the present guidelines in Germany through the German institute JKI and following the future European standards within spray technology• to obtain drift reduction approval for ...

    By Danfoil A/S

  • Captain Xtr - Brochure

    PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTSHazards to Humans and Domestic AnimalsKEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENDANGER / PELIGROSi usted no entiende la etiqueta, busque a alguien para que se la explique a usteden detalle. (If you do not understand the label, find someone to explain it to you indetail.) Corrosive. Causes irreversible eye damage. Causes skin irritation. Harmful ifswallowed. Harmful if absorbed ...

    By SePRO Corporation

  • Bedfont Scientific - Methyl Bromide Monitor - Data Sheet

    Fumigation has been used globally as a disinfestation treatment for many years. It has a reputation for efectiveness against a wide range of pests and commodity combinations. It is favoured in many countries for plant quaratine because of its reputation for having good penetration ability; rapid action; high toxicity to a broad spectrum of insects and similar pests. It is frquently used for ...

    By Ribble Enviro Ltd

  • RKW - Nonwoven Brochure

    The right Nonwoven for Your ApplicationContactsRKW SEBusiness Unit GronauDueppelstrasse 1648599 Gronau | GermanyPhone +49 (0) 2562-710-0Fax +49 (0) 2562-710-219RKW HydroSpun GmbHOsttangente 1738820 Halberstadt | GermanyPhone +49 (0) 3941-595 43-12Fax +49 (0) 3941-595 43-29Making the DifferenceWe Take our Responsibilty SeriouslyDeveloping sustainable solutions throughout the supply chain is core ...

    By RKW Agri GmbH & Co. KG

  • Agriculture Brochure

    2015In January 1995, the acquisition of a laser cutter improves quality and finish of our products.In February 2003, Anderson Group acquires a manufacturer of log loaders and individual wrappers in order to expand their product line.In 2005, Anderson Group develops a self-loading bale carrier for round bales. One man and one tractor can load and haul up to 20 bales at a time.In September 2009, ...

    By Groupe Anderson Inc.

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