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  • Case Study - Manure Magic

    Case Study - Manure Magic

    Manure Magic is a patented product that can help support successful manure management programs throughout the world, such as field applications as fertilizer, because of its ability to liquefy the manure, which makes it much easier to administer. Application Examples The increase in regulatory requirements in dealing with animal waste solids has required growers to closely ev


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  • 20,000 Tons/year Organic Fertilizer Production Line

    20,000 Tons/year Organic Fertilizer Production Line

    This organic fertilizer production line is with 20,000 tons bio fertilizer production annually. It can process various kinds of organic materials, such as organic municipal solid waste, biogas waste, kitchen wastage and so on.he raw materials of this line mainly cover the following five kinds: agricultural waste, animal manure, industrial waste, home scrap and sludge.If you are interested in it, ...