Agriculture Sprayers

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  • CO2 Foliar Spray Effects on Flower Growth Case Study

    Indoor use of CO2 gassing has enhanced plant yields for over 60 years. However, over 50% of the CO2 gas is typically lost through ventilation. Current greenhouse CO2 gassing levels of up to 1500 PPM are also not ideal for worker health and safety. GRO`s safer dissolved CO2 foliar spray can be used by indoor and outdoor plant growers with minimal CO2 gas los


  • Helicopter spraying is dangerous, drones will replace It

    CHAMPAIGN — With hot, rainy weather this spring, fungi have had an ideal environment to grow in. That`s kept helicopter pilot Frank Pagel busy spraying fungicides on area farms. "We`ll sit in these things 12, 14 hours a day, and it`s ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Plastic Knapsack Sprayer

    Plastic Knapsack Sprayer

    Blown HD polyethylene. Capacity: 12-15-20 liters. Removable copper pumping unit, weather-resistant particularly suitable for use of herbicides or pesticides . Ring fastener, screw cap. Fiberglass reinforced nylon compression chamber. Fiberglass reinforced feet. Stainless steel valves 11-14 mm. Regular work pressure 3 bar - max pressure 6 bar. Rubber hose and adjustable straps. Range of spray ...