Animal Carcass Disposal

Equipment & Solutions

  • Meat Markers
    Showcase Product

    Meat Markers

    By LA-CO Industries, Inc

    All-Weather Meat Marker is the only marker registered by NSF for use in USDA inspected meat processing plants in the USA. New, improved marker gives twice the write-out per stick with greater breakage strength. Ideal ...

  • Carcass Remover
    Showcase Product

    Carcass Remover

    By Quality Equipment (QE)

    The Caesar carcass remover is steel galvanised with a towing capacity of up to 350kg. With the death of pigs being an ever occurring problem on pig farms, this easy to use, pain free pig carcass remover is the ideal ...

  • Self-Propelled Pig Hearse
    Showcase Product

    Self-Propelled Pig Hearse


    Porky’s Pick Up swiftly rides the operator to the pen for safe hassle-free roll on loading of a dead pig directly from the ground, at the simple touch of the load button. The carcass is then pronto taken to the ...

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