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  • ​Storage of the Bee Venom
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    ​Storage of the Bee Venom


    The bee venom is placed in our freezer at a temperature of -20°C. It can be stored that way at least 5 years, keeping it`s healing effects offered. Conditions for safe storage of bee venom: Storage & ...

  • ​Bee Venom Powder - Filtering
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    ​Bee Venom Powder - Filtering


    The bee venom is now inspected and filtered to remove unwanted particles if any. We are using this sieve machine below to filter the bee venom. The bee venom passes trough fine mesh filters and are then weighted and ...

  • Systemic Foliar Fungicide
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    Systemic Foliar Fungicide

    By ADAMA India Private Limited

    BUMPER is a systemic foliar fungicide of the triazole group, with protective and curative action. BUMPER has broad spectrum activity against a wide range of fungal diseases of wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice, maize, ...

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    Ethically Collected: The bees are not killed to collect the venom. In other words we specialize in Cruelty Free Bee Venom. We never kill the bees and ...

  • Healthy Bees, LLC.

    Healthy Bees, LLC.

    Healthy Bees is the sole manufacturer of the most exciting and emerging honeybee supplement technology that significantly improves honey bee ...

  • Master Bee Removal

    We do live beehive removal without having to exterminate the bees. We use state-of-the-art equipment for removal such as our gentle beevac.

  • Rentokil Pest Control - division of Rentokil Initial

    Rentokil Pest Control - division of Rentokil Initial

    Throughout the world, homeowners and businesses trust Rentokil to solve their pest problems. Rentokil is the world’s leading commercial pest control ...