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  • Live-Bottom, Long Haul Trailers
    Showcase Product

    Live-Bottom, Long Haul Trailers

    By BL Industries Inc

    Big Capacity with fast, gentle unloading. Used for all crops. Sleek, aerodynamic design, Obstruction-free undercarriage, Clean obstruction free interior, No slippage. Triple chain mudflap design, Positive unloading, ...

  • Crop Trailer
    Showcase Product

    Crop Trailer

    By Ezy Technology Innovations Ltd.

    The Ezy Crop M12000 trailer is a 12 ton Trailer designed to minimize trailer crop damage a major factor in lost revenues to food producers. Ezy Crop is a non- tipping trailer with a patented discharge system. it ...

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  • Advanced Wind-Reel Systems (AWS) - Temp Farm Equipment Ltd.

    Advanced Wind-Reel Systems (AWS) - Temp Farm Equipment Ltd.

    The AWS system applies a continuous flow of air to the crop as it is cut, providing an even flow into the combine with less crop damage. Consistent ...

  • H.F. Hauff Company Inc.

    H.F. Hauff Company Inc.

    H. F. Hauff Company was founded in 1965 as a small manufacturing business of specialized agricultural equipment. Alleviate yourself of worry and ...

  • Agrotrust

    Agrotrust The company was founded in 2010. and from the very beginning, helping Polish manufacturers in protecting crops against damage.

  • Flourish Greens Limited

    Flourish Greens Limited

    FlourishGreens international is a company that specialises in the planting, harvesting, mining and exporting of quality cash crops, food crops and ...