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  • Making Better Herbicide Decisions with Weed Density Mapping

    Making Better Herbicide Decisions with Weed Density Mapping

    Proper weed control early during the growing season is essential for reducing nutrient competition, gaining optimal crop health, and preventing yield loss. Weed management in corn and soybeans can be an extremely difficult problem to tackle and, if left unmanaged, can cause nearly a 52% corn yield loss and 49% yield loss in soybeans according to research conducted by the 


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  • Copper Knapsack Biodynamic Sprayer

    Copper Knapsack Biodynamic Sprayer

    Copper tank and painted metal base. Biodynamic sprayer capacity 16 liters. Equipped with start-up lever on left side. Removable brass and copper pumping unit. Oval lid and oval sieve with brass net. Stainless steel valve 11 mm. Rubber hose, reinforced adjustable straps and shoulder pack. Standard equipment: spray gun with switch-operated cock and brass cartridge + mignon nozzle + prolonged conic ...