Farm Heating

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  • Changing the face of poultry farming across China - Case Study

    Supporting the modernisation of China`s agriculture Anhui, China China is the largest egg producer in the world, amounting to over 35% of global production. Cargill has devised a world class strategy to modernise agriculture and food safety in China. Background China’s poultry industry has grown at an average annual rate of 8.8% to


  • Optimum Insemination Moment

    how to interpret the ball graph and see your success rate - overlooked gem of T4C! So you see cows in heat on T4C and/or on your inherd app. But what does that ball graph really represent? First thing to know is that field called "Optimum ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Wear-Resistant Steel

    Wear-Resistant Steel

    The SIDUR steel group represents a palette of wear-resistant steels that has been specifically developed for applications requiring high resistance to wear. These are most commonly used in the most important soil and ore transportation processes, in the cement industry, chemical industry, agriculture, asphalt bases, etc. The selected chemical composition and heat treatment guarantee the ...