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  • Poultry House Heater and Heat Exchanger - Poultry Farm Heater
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    Poultry House Heater and Heat Exchanger - Poultry Farm Heater

    By DACS A/S

    The AddAir heater/heat exchanger completely changes the dehumidification process in a poultry house. We see a cut in heating costs by almost 70 % compared to traditional heaters. Heating with AddAir: During the first ...

  • Gas Brooders for a Directed Supply of Heat
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    Gas Brooders for a Directed Supply of Heat

    By Big Dutchman

    Main advantages: Gas brooders are especially well-suited if it is necessary to supply birds with intensive heat for a defined amount of time and in a specific area, such as turkeys, ducks, broilers or pullets during the ...

  • Grain Dryers
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    Grain Dryers

    By Superior Inc.

    EXCEL continuous mixed-flow grain dryers process your grains more evenly and significantly reduce the potential for heat stress cracking. With one on your farm, you’ll be able to get the highest possible prices ...

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  • ITB Climate

    ITB Climate

    ITB Climate produces complete climate solutions and plastic products for ventilation and energy reduction. For over 35 years ITB Climate designs ...

  • Ünlü Ziraat Aletleri A.Ş.

    Ünlü Ziraat Aletleri A.Ş.

    Our Company, which was founded in Manisa in 1971, has been operating in its facilities ( 17.000 m 2 closed and 30.000 m 2 open area) since 1977 with ...

  • Hiniker Company

    Hiniker Company

    Hiniker Company is a progressive manufacturer of agricultural Equipment , snow and ice removal equipment and related electronic systems. All Hiniker ...

  • Umega Agro

    Umega Agro

    Umega Agro is a modern industrial company with a long traditions in metal processing and production of metals. The agricultural machinery department ...

  • Gheen Irrigation Works

    Gheen Irrigation Works

    Gheen Irrigation Works is a manufacturer of a wide variety of steel fittings for farm, commercial, and industrial use as well as custom powder ...