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  • SomaDetect Integration: Platform

    SomaDetect is a precision dairy technology company milk quality and dairy data company with offices in Fredericton, NB, Buffalo, NY and Thorold, ON. SomaDetect has designed and produced an in-line sensor that measures critical dairy-quality indicators from every cow at every milking.  SomaDetect’s technology uses no consumables, chemicals, or cartridges, and with no lost milk. ...

  • New App Helps University Farm Reduce Water Usage

    Each morning when he wakes up, Robert Willmott glances at his cell phone and is reminded of modern technology’s impact on agriculture. The Fresno State campus farm technician checks the WiseConn smart phone app that is virtually connected to the University’s olive orchard. A few clicks verify the 20 acres of trees he oversees are receiving the right amount of water via drip ...

    By WiseConn Engineering

  • (App)etite for Technology on the Farm: Meet Greg Deim, New Cab App Senior Product Manager

    Today, most of our lives rely on apps. Whether we need to wake up in the morning, order a cup of coffee or navigate to avoid traffic—all while listening to our favorite podcast—apps have made everything just a click away. FieldView™ continues to lead the industry with the most compatible real-time data cab monitoring app, reshaping agriculture for present and ...

    By The Climate Corporation

  • Farming Innovation: From Ammonia to AgTech Software

    Just over a century ago, the Haber-Bosch process was invented in Germany, enabling the scalable production of copious amounts of ammonia for the very first time. This 1910 Eureka! moment meant farmers could fertilize their crops unlike ever before, growing food on a massive scale. So massive, in fact, a population explosion ensued – humankind went from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 7.7 ...

    By Vistex Inc

  • Real-Time Client Collaboration

    For more than 10 years, AgCompass has provided virtual desktops for remote software hosting to accounting and consulting firms that support agricultural clients. By simply connecting desktops, software is easily shared between the firm and the farm, seamlessly integrating record keeping for tax season and business planning. The only requirement for the customer is an internet-connected device and ...

    By AgCompass LLC

  • Success on the Farm Starts in the Cloud

    AgCompass has been a trusted technology partner to farms of all sizes for nearly 15 years. Sharing a background in agriculture and with Midwestern values, our experienced IT Staff provides one-on-one technology support. We help you keep up with technology by backing up your software on a daily basis and by installing software updates for you. The only requirements for the customer are an internet ...

    By AgCompass LLC

  • Yield Data Errors Today, Yield Costs Tomorrow

    Regardless of whether your yield data comes from your combine, grain cart, or from truck scales, each source has shortcomings that will not only influence your farm decisions but may also have a negative financial impact.

    By Granular, Inc.

  • Ideas for Scaling Your Farm Operation With Bryant Ag: Interview & Webcast

    Staying on top of your crew’s work is a constant task, so you probably have a good idea for how to best plan your crew’s work. But if you want to grow or scale your farm in the most efficient manner, equipping your crew for high performance is key.

    By Granular, Inc.

  • How a Grower Used Granular to Uncover an 11% Profit Difference in Two Varieties

    Learn how Granular helped a real farm discover that their variety choice was costing them $800 per acre

    By Granular, Inc.

  • Knowledge is power: A day in the life of a soil consultant

    This week we talk with Amy Duckworth from Soil Matters Over time the agriculture sector has become more efficient and we are more equipped to measure and manage with a higher level of accuracy. Amy recognizes the importance of measuring what we manage — to reach new levels of efficiency. As a soil consultant, Amy is often involved in ‘on-farm’ decision making ...

    By Agrimap LLC

  • Great leaders start as great followers

    arming is a deeply ingrained part of contemporary New Zealand society. For most of the twentieth century, farming was considered the ‘backbone’ of the economy. New Zealand’s temperate climate and fertile soils have supported almost every kind of farming — from sheep and cattle to cropping, horticulture and forestry.

    By Agrimap LLC

  • Field Scouting Apps Boost Efficiency, Speed

    Scouting is one of the most critical services that ag retailers and consultants can offer their grower-customers. The need for accurate information about crop conditions, including weeds, insects and other pests, has never been greater. [Related: 17 Field Scouting ...

  • Sustainable Farm Practices for Rice Farming

    Rice is the third-largest crop production, after sugarcane and maize. The main producers of rice are the nations of China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Rice is a staple crop. More than half the people in the world, about 3.5 billion people, rely on its production. Not only is rice a key source of food but it is also good source of income for many smallholder farmers. The ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • Corn, a Vital Staple Food in Africa

    Africa contributes the least to global warming than any other continent. However, it suffers greatly from some of the more serious impacts of climate changes. The statistics are shocking: Africa emits roughly 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, while the United States emits 23% of the total global greenhouse gasses. Unfortunately, along with Asia, Africa is the region where crop production is the ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • Agroforestry Mitigates Climate Change

    Climate changes, as one of the biggest threats to a global food security, highly influence natural resources that are essential for crop production. Farming is not only affected by the impact of climate changes, but it’s also a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Intensive farm practices that include both farm production and change of land use, directly affect the ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • Are Conventional Farmers Becoming Interested in Organic Practices?

    Despite the fact that farming is one of the most important human activities that brings food to our tables, it contributes significantly to global pollution. Unsustainable farm practices result in the loss of biodiversity, climate changes, erosion, and the pollution of soil and water. However, when managed in a sustainable way, farming can be a source of solutions for future demands. Organic ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • The Best Practices for Using Plant Residues

    Plant residue are crop materials such as stems, leaves, and roots, that are left on the field after the harvest. In the past, farmers considered crop residue to be trash, that was usually destroyed by fire. However, today this practice is not recommended and highly is not used by farmers. There are two different ways to manage crop residues. The first method is tillage prior planting when plant ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • Farming in a Controlled Environment

    There is considerable pressure on today’s farmers. This is because of farming, as a special type of manufacture, largely depends on climate and natural resources. Climate changes have led to unpredictable weather conditions that can endanger farmer’s efforts with frequent hail, frost or drought. With increased global population, that is predicted to reach a number of 9.6 billion by ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • Ancient Trick for Soil Improvement

    Today, when every farmer is facing a battle of food production for a growing population, crop production has become much more intensive. These farm practices, which usually include monoculture, harm soil nutrient composition and deplete this valuable natural resource. Using the same crop on the same field keeps draining the soil of essential nutrients. Monoculture combined with intensive farm ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

  • Secrets of Successful Apple Harvesting

    October 21st is reserved for the celebration of World Apple Day. This day reminds us that an apple is a symbol of physical, cultural and genetic diversity. This day usually includes: various demonstrations, apple inspired games like apple bobbing, preparing juice and cider, gardening advice, tasting and the sale of many varieties of apples. Apple day celebration originated in the UK, but it is ...

    By Agrivi Ltd

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