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  • Electronic Animal Repellers
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    Electronic Animal Repellers

    By Bird-X Inc.

    An electronic animal repeller is ideal for solving situations that require a simple one-time installation, and a clean eco-friendly approach. Electronic solutions work to deter wildlife without harming the animals ...

  • Transonic Bugchaser
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    Transonic Bugchaser

    By Bird-X Inc.

    Simple, Effective Bug Control. Keep bugs out of your home without chemicals or traps.

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  • Canadian Journal of Forest Research

    Canadian Journal of Forest Research

    Published since 1971, this monthly journal features articles, reviews, notes and commentaries on all aspects of forest science, including biometric

  • Encyclopedia of Entomology

    Encyclopedia of Entomology

    The Encyclopedia of Entomology brings together the expertise of more than 450 distinguished entomologists from 40 countries to provide a worldwide ...