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  • Mosquito Egg Weak Spots

    Malaria. Yellow Fever. Zika. Dengue. West Nile virus. These are some of the diseases, carried by mosquitos, that infect millions of people worldwide every year. According to the World Health Organization, these infections result in over 700,000 deaths annually. To help curb this huge burden on public health, scientists hav


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  • Barrow Sprayers (120 L)

    Barrow Sprayers (120 L)

    Metal frame using specialist resistant materials. 120 l polyethylene tank - 2 pneumatic wheels. Equipped with motor pump or electric pump. Assembled with suction filter and pressure control system allowing unused liquid to return to tank. For general or professional use - ideal for applying insecticides and herbicides. Supplied fully-assembled. Trolley power sprayer on wheels. Supplied with ...