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  • Scanmask Topdressing
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    Scanmask Topdressing

    By BioLogic Company, Inc.

    Scanmask treats the widest variety of pest insects and is our recommended product when treating for multiple pests and as a preventative treatment. Our Scanmask Topdressing can be spread by hand on the lawn or garden. ...

  • Granular Nematicide Applicator
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    Granular Nematicide Applicator

    By Techneat Engineering Ltd.

    The Microcast 70 is a low cost solution to application of granular products.  It is fitted with Apcal cartridges for applying starter fertiliser on seed drills or nematicides for potato growers.  It is ...

  • Bed Mixer
    Showcase Product

    Bed Mixer

    By Bye Engineering Ltd

    Front Mounted Nematicide Granule Incorporation.  Front mounted host machine for nematicide granule applicators in bed planted systems. Immediate, accurate, efficient incorporation at correct depth, in correct place ...

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