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  • Agricultural Knives: Thermal Spray Case Study II

    Agricultural Knives: Thermal Spray Case Study II

    Recently, Kondex was faced with a field testing requirement that the OEM was unable to execute for cost reasons, though it was critical to our ability to supply thermal sprayed cutting components for its combine harvester. A great deal of scrutiny is placed on cutting components utilizing thermal spray hardfacing; if the hardfacing process is not carried out properly, the cutting edge will lose ...

  • The cloud isn`t just for rain anymore

    Precision agriculture has been a key enabling technology to achieve higher yields with lower cost and less environmental impact, while keeping the cost of food fairly stableHas global agricultural ...


  • JMA & JMI Models Now Offer 4-20mA Output

    JMA & JMI Models Now Offer 4-20mA Output

    The JMA-100/200/300 accelerometer and JMI-100/200 inclinometer series, the latest additions to Jewell Instruments’ MEMS sensor line, are now available with 4-20mA output (JMA-L, JMI-L). This output option provides e

Equipment & Solutions

  • Forks with ISO Suspension

    Forks with ISO Suspension

    The ISO suspension is currently the standard fork attachment method. These forks are mounted by means of fork hooks that are slid onto the fork carriage. A characteristic feature is a 20° chamfer on the fork hook.