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Pollination equipment for Agriculture Management

  • Bee Venom - Collecting Device

    Collecting bee venom with the correct device makes it possible to be both ecological and bee friendly. Some companies kill the bees and take their venom sack, we think that is highly unethical. We recommend using a bee-friendly method when collecting the bee venom. With that system, in brief, the bees are stimulated to sting a glass plate by ...

    By Apitoxin - Bee Venom Powder based in Züric, SWEDEN. from Bee Venom Powder Product line

  • Agrishade - Model RR MR - Shading Nets

    Shading nets to reduce the impact of the sun radiation on crops, work places and cattle.

    By Agralia based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Agrishade RR MR Product line

  • Lumisol Clear - Polythene Tunnel Covers

    Lumisol Clear Polythene is available from 150mu to 200mu. The manufacturer guarantees it for at least three seasons, depending on the thickness and region used. This film is available in Low UV, High UV and Extra High UV. Lumisol Clear Polythene is designed to allow UV light to enter the tunnel, which has benefits for the fruit.

    By Haygrove Ltd based in Ledbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tunnel Covers Product line

  • Huachang-Yarns - Anti Bee Net

    Bee netting prevents the cross pollination between different varieties of oranges, grapefruits, limes and lemons in order to produce seedless fruit.Ideal anti-pollination bee netting, preventing the development of seeds. The use of citrus tree cover nets is producing positive results for seedless citrus production.Excellent for growing ...

    By Huachang Yarns & Fabrics Co.,Ltd based in Shenjiang city, CHINA. from Anti Bee Net Product line

  • Sotrafilm - Model NT - Multiperforated Mulching Film

    Multilayer co-extrusion film, manufactured from LDPE and copolymers EVA, in different thicknesses and perforation of 10mm. The film is also available with anti-condensation effect.

    By Sotrafa S.A based in Sta. Mª del Águila, SPAIN. from Mulching Films Product line

  • Sunshine Yellow Euryops

    Also known as a Bush Daisy, this semi-evergreen shrub-like perennial can be grown in containers, beds and even used as a hedge.  Performs best in Zones 7-10, but can be used as an annual in cold climates.   Enjoys partial to full sun and once established, can tolerate some drought conditions.  Will require more watering during ...

    By Creekside Nursery based in Hempstead, TEXAS (USA).

  • Bestonik - Plant Growth Regulator

    BESTONIK is plant growth regulator containing nitrophenols. It provides pollination set and enlarges blossom tubes when applied in the second period of the plant therefore it increases fruit set. If applied with Agronom potassium-based and phosphorus based fertilizers, it procure more and qualified yield.

    By Ufuk Tarim Gida San. ve Tic. Ltd.Sti. based in Bayrampasa, TURKEY. from Plant Growth Regulator Product line

  • Bio Bee’s Hive - Endeavor

    Bio-Bee’s hive is the product of an endeavor which best expresses both consumers’ demand as well as the conditions which will ensure efficient work of the bumblebees. On the cardboard outer cover of the hive there are diagrams which clearly explain its operation and maintenance. Herewith the key attributes of the hive:

    By BioBee Biological Systems Ltd based in Sde Eliyaho, ISRAEL. from Natural Pollination Product line

  • BioBee - Bumblebee

    Bumblebees are social insects and there is a certain level of interrelation between individuals of the same colony. The colony is divided into a number of groups, each with a specific task. At the top of the hierarchy stands the queen, that differs physically from the workers by its size which is much larger.

    By BioBee Biological Systems Ltd based in Sde Eliyaho, ISRAEL. from Natural Pollination Product line

  • Jatropha Seeds For Biodiesel

    Jatropha seeds are thin shelled ones with back color. They have oblong shape. A Jatropha seed resembles the castor seeds. 2 to 3 large black and oily seeds in a single seed shell.

    By Aumkiipure based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • Agronom - Calcium

    Agronom CALCIUM is a secondary nutrition satisfies plants need of calcium. By containing special ligands, it is transportable through the cells. It enables plant to excambium of carbohydrates with the help of anodes caused by containing organic and inorganic forms.

    By Ufuk Tarim Gida San. ve Tic. Ltd.Sti. based in Bayrampasa, TURKEY. from Macronutrient Content EC Fertilizers Product line

  • Model DF - Dry Flowable Copper

    Dry flowable copper concentrate for foliar application.

    By StollerUSA based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Dry Flowable Products Product line

  • Hydroponic Systems

    Hydroponics is growing a plant without soil, usually in an inert substance such as rockwool or perlite to hold the roots for water and nutrient absorption. Hydroponics dates back several hundred years, as there is evidence that ancient civilizations grew plants in water. Nutrients are vital to the success of growing. There are sixteen essential ...

    By Rimol Greenhouse Systems based in Hooksett, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Blueberry Sunshine Blue

    A highly ornamental blueberry, forming a neat, compact bush with blue-green leaves that makes a good container plant for the patio. Bright pink flowers set well to give a prolific crop that may need thinning to avoid overtaxing the plant, particularly when young. The medium sized berries have a good flavour when fully ripe. Mid to late season ...

    By Trehane Nursery based in Wimborne, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • UAV - Biocontrol Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Drones

    Biocontrol (or “biological control”) is a proven method within the field of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) where pest populations are controlled by using their natural enemies. These enemies of my enemies are commonly referred to as “beneficials” or “biological control agents”. UAV-IQ’s IPM services can ...

    By UAV-IQ LLC based in CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Tozer Seeds - Leek

    Tozer Seeds have been leading the market with our open pollinated varieties and have now expanded and improved our range of hybrids. The results of many years of breeding are now starting to show and see is available for trial. Market standards require leeks to have a dark green, robust thin leaf, accompanied with easy to peel leaves and bulb free ...

    By Tozer Seeds Ltd. based in Pyports, Cobham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Alliums Product line

  • Borage Plant

    A pretty herb with a delicate cucumber flavour making it perfect for adding to salads or Summer drinks. Bees love it in the garden. An interesting alternative vegetable.

    By Victoriana Nursery Gardens based in Kent., UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Fortify - Bio-Fortification for Crops

    The Fortify range is designed to provide essential elements in a unique formulation that aids a plant’s bio fortification process. The Fortify formulations assist crops by maximising vascular flow and cellular processes to limit susceptibility to biotic stress and to support the growing crop during recuperation from both abiotic and ...

    By Engage Agro Europe Ltd based in Chorley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Aconitum napellus Newry Blue

    Aconitum napellus ‘Newry Blue’ is an outstanding old Irish cultivar with wonderful upright spires of the deepest rich blue that tower over the back of the border. Known for its dense spires, this hardy perennial is much like a delphinium in habit. The flower spikes grow to around 120cm (48in) tall with plenty of glossy, finely cut rich green ...

    By Seedaholic based in Co. Mayo, IRELAND.

  • Camef - Seaweed Extract Flakes/Powder

    The product is made from Deep-Sea Seaweed and extracted by scientific process. It is rich in natural nutrient NPK required for crop growth, and contains trace elements in the organic state.

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