Agriculture Management Equipment in Africa

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    Inciner8 - Desert Farm Incinerators

    With the huge growth we are seeing in this sector, desert farming is here to stay. It brings with it the same challenges as traditional farming, but with more emphasis on remote locations and the logistics involved. Inciner8's range of purpose built farm incinerators are well suited to this challenging environment. All these machines are DEFRA ...

    By Inciner8 Limited Office in Southport, KENYA. from Animal Incinerator Product line

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    Rhizon - Model 19.21.SA - Soil Moisture Sampling Set

    With the Rhizon soil moisture sampler we supply a range of miniature soil moisture samplers. The Rhizon samplers are used for repeated and reliable sampling of all dissolved components in the soil solution. The porous plastic material (PES) wets spontaneously and has standard 0.15 micron pores. The samplers are supplied with coextruded tubing (PE ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in EGYPT. from Groundwater Samplers Product line

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    Inciner8 - Model I8-1000A - Animal Incinerator

    The I8-1000A model is our largest incinerator giving you high volume capacity for your waste needs. The i8-1000A has the highest capacity in our range of animal incinerators and is suitable for disposing of horses, cattle and other large animals benefiting from a wide opening door and high hourly burn rates. This model is 'DEFRA Approved' and is ...

    By Inciner8 Limited Office in Southport, KENYA. from Incinerators - Animal Incinerators Product line

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    Inciner8 - Sheep & EWE Incinerators

    With landfill and rendering costs growing at an alarming rate the idea of self-owning a small capacity lamb incinerator for your own use is becoming more and more viable – especially now with our competitive range of finance options available.

    By Inciner8 Limited Office in Southport, KENYA. from Animal Incinerator Product line

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    Inciner8 - Model i8-20A - Animal Incinerator

    I8-20A model is a small scale incinerator. This model is a controlled air incinerator. It is designed for providing optimal combustion conditions for different waste types. The top loading design provides liquid retention making this incinerator ideal for incineration of many different waste types. This unit benefits from a secondary chamber with ...

    By Inciner8 Limited Office in Southport, KENYA. from Incinerators - Animal Incinerators Product line

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    Garmach - Model AGP-7R - 7 Row Chain Type Garlic Planing Machine

    Garlic planting machine is a simple to use completely mechanical machine designed for small and medium-sized farms.

    By Garmach Office in Nairobi, KENYA. from Chain Garlic Planter AGP Product line

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    Eijkelkamp Watermark - Model 14.27 - Soil Moisture Measuring System

    Soil moisture sensors that measure the moisture tension in the soil are read out with the soil moisture meter Watermark. The measuring principle is similar to that of the gypsum block system. The special sensors however do not dissolve in the soil and have a more consistent distribution of pores so that more accurate measurements are possible.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in EGYPT. from Field Measurement Equipment Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 14.04.04 - Jet-Fill Tensiometers

    The Jet-fill tensiometer basically has the same components as the standard tensiometer but is equipped with a reservoir and a refill mechanism. At a push of the button the Jet-fill mechanism instantly injects water from the reservoir into the body of the tensiometer and removes accumulated air. This tensiometer can be provided in different lengths ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in EGYPT. from Field Measurement Equipment Product line

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    Inciner8 - Model I8-75A - Animal Incinerator

    The i8-75A is a medium capacity animal incinerator from our range of 'DEFRA Approved' models and is suitable for disposing of game, deer, poultry, sheep and the largest breeds of domestic animals with dual function as a pet cremation system. This option benefits from a simple top loading door and advanced secondary chamber technology to provide an ...

    By Inciner8 Limited Office in Southport, KENYA. from Incinerators - Animal Incinerators Product line

  • Manvert Cuajer - Plant Biostimulant

    Biostimulant with a rich formulation in phosphorus and amino acids that makes it an indispensable ally for improving flowering, fruit set and fruit fattening. It has an impact on vegetative not on generative metabolism. Both foliar and fertigation application.

    By Biovert S.L. Distributor in Mansourah, EGYPT. from Biostimulants - Amino Acids Product line

  • Isagro - Aminogreen Nature Biostimulants

    Foliar application: apply before flowering and until 7 days after petal fall, at 250 ml/100 I of water. Aminogreen nature is a unique and exclusive Biostimulant from Isagro, a pillar among the Isagro was developed at our Research & Development facilities in Novara and Galliera, Italy, where dedicated scientists and ...

    By Isagro S.p.A Office in Amanzimtoti, SOUTH AFRICA. from Biostimulants Product line

  • CID - Model CI-203CA - Conveyor Attachment

    Measure large numbers of detached leaves rapidly by inserting the CI-203 Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter into the CI-203CA Conveyor Attachment. The combined unit will execute the leaf measurements and data will be displayed and stored on the CI-203 for later analysis. Samples are fed between two glass rollers for speedy scanning, eliminating the ...

    By CID Bio-Science, Inc. Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Accessories - Conveyor Attachments Product line

  • Excel Dynamic Solutions - EDS

    Excel Dynamic Solutions (EDS) is a diverse consulting firm rooted in big data, project management and subsequently rendering customer centric products and services from the aforementioned practices. We’re a unique team of data experts, geo-environmentalists, engineers, planners, software developers and project managers with a strong footing in the ...

    By Excel Dynamic Solutions based in Windhoek, NAMIBIA.

  • Samson - Model SP 12 - Muck Spreader

    All SP-Spreaders are fitted with double, vertical beaters. These were designed in collaboration with end users for the application of heavy and compact materials. Therefore the SP-concept is an excellent choice for high amounts of output. The spreader can be fitted with a fixed lower deflector as well as a distribution device for lighter ...

    By Samson Agro A/S Distributor in Jeffreys Bay, SOUTH AFRICA. from SP/FLEX Series Product line

  • CID - Model LC-11 - Cactus Leaf Chamber

    For measuring the leaves of Cacti with the CI-340 Handheld Photosynthesis System. Window size: 14.6 cm2.

    By CID Bio-Science, Inc. Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Accessories - Leaf Chambers Product line

  • Model NXB - Automatic Single Laying Nest with Locking Mechanism

    NXB is a single laying nest for broiler breeders. Each hen can use a separate nest hole to lay her eggs without being disturbed. The partitions between the holes are made of plastic and can be opened subsequently. The perforated nest insert is self-cleaning and easy to assemble and disassemble. The nest roof is made of metal and allows for easy ...

    By Big Dutchman Office in Edenvale, SOUTH AFRICA. from Nest and Manure Pit Product line

  • Gregoire - Model G.Prima - Wine Harvester

    Even when used with a low power tractor, the G.Prima is your reliable vine harvesting partner. And in the most difficult working conditions, the G.Prima can be equipped with 630 cc wheel motors. This allows you to manage the hydraulic pressure setting directly from the driver position.

    By Gregoire Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Wine Product line

  • FieldScout - Model SoilStik - Soil pH Meter

    FieldScout SoilStik pH Meter; Flat surface electrode measures pH in soils, semi-solids, solids and liquids - no more electrode breakage or clogged junctions. RENEW indicator tells you when it’s time to replace your electrode. Eliminates guesswork. CAL alert tells you it’s time to recalibrate. Ensures accuracy. Memory records and ...

    By Spectrum Technologies, Inc Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Plant Nutrient Management - pH & EC Meters Product line

  • Dynagage - Sap Flow Sensor

    The Dynagage Sap Flow Sensors are the latest technology for measuring the sap flow, and thus the water consumption of plants. These energy balance sensors measure the amount of heat carried by the sap which is converted into Real-Time sap flow in grams or kilograms per hour. The sensors are non-intrusive and not harmful since the plants are heated ...

    By Dynamax Inc Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Transpiration Sap Flow Product line

  • AXIS - Model 20.2 K D C - Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

    Model without electronic regulation for reaching high work output. The right dose at the right place while avoiding the « dose effect » thanks to the revolutionary distribution of the CDA System, common to all AXIS fertilizer spreaders.

    By KUHN S.A. Distributor in SOUTH AFRICA. from Fertiliser Spreaders- Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader Product line

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