Agriculture Management Equipment in Bulgaria

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    Micropilot - Model FMR540 - Radar Measurement Device

    Horn antenna and parabolic antenna for custody transfer applications. Micropilot FMR540 is used for custody transfer and inventory control applications with NMi- and PTB-approvals and meets the requirements according to OIML R85 and API 3.1B. FMR540 with parabolic antenna is particularly suited for free space applications up to 40m and with horn ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Sofia, BULGARIA. from Level Measurement- Product line

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    Levelflex - Model FMP55 - Guided Radar Measurement Time-of-Flight

    The Multiparameter device is the innovation in interface measurement. Levelflex FMP55 guided radar with SensorFusion offers the worldwide first combination of the capacitance and guided radar measuring principle in one device. The instrument guarantees safe measured value acquisition even in emulsion layers and issues level and interface layer ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Sofia, BULGARIA. from Level Measurement- Product line

  • Model 1200 Tonnes - Eel System

    Typical Draft set-up for a 120 tonnes Eel system. Price for technical installations in Euros: at request. Total required building 48 x 26 meter: 1200 m2. Minimum height in building: 4.0 meter. Constant electricity demand, including energy for oxygen production: 100 kW/h. Possible average feeding: 485 kg/day. Recommended standing stock: 50.000 kg. ...

    By Hesy Aquaculture B.V. Office in Fishconsult, BULGARIA. from Tilapia Farm Product line

  • BioCompost - In-Vessel Composting

    All life forms on land originate from compost and are bound to turn into compost. It is the fundamental law of nature. Life depends on it.

    By Biocompost BG LTD based in Razgrad, BULGARIA.

  • Lamborghini - Model R1 35 – 45 – 55 - Frontier for the Small Tractor

    R1 is the new frontier for the small tractor segment and is a concentrated package of energy and design. Compact and agile with the indomitable spirit of a much more powerful machine.Multi-role versatility with generous standard equipment and a complete range of accessories catering for a wide variety of applications and compact dimensions perfect ...

    By Agromachina Group Ltd based in Sofia, BULGARIA. from Lamborghini Product line

  • Humic Acid

    The humic acid imported from the U.S. is produced by 'LEONARDIT' of the deposits in the state of NEW MEXICO. The same is 70% with 20% of fulvic acid guaranteed. We offer it only with 'BIO ONE'. We do not offer free sale.

    By Biocompost BG LTD based in Razgrad, BULGARIA.

  • BCS VICTOR - Model 300 and 400 - Medium Power Tractor

    Torn wheelbase and reduced radius allows maximum maneuverability on all terrains. Weight distribution is aligned on all four wheels when the tractor is in working condition with rear-m

    By Animex Ltd. based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Tractors Product line

  • Plexistab - Model 008N - Light Duty Delivery Hose

    Features: PVC green transparent wall, rigid PVC white spiral. Technical characteristics: Working temp. range: - 5°C to +60°C According to the norm UNI EN ISO 1307:2008: Inner diameter: +/- 2% Corresponding tolerances: +/- 5%.

  • Steyr - Model CVT Ecotech - Tractors

    Regardless of whether its primary tillage, ground care, drilling, municipal work or various transport tasks, the new generation of CVT tractors are designed for maximum power transfer to the ground and economic fuel consumption. The basis is provided by the innovative gearbox design with continuously variable transmission which incorporates more ...

    By Glencom based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Tractors Product line

  • Steyr - Model Profi CVT - Tractors

    The Profi CVT is the most innovative in the series. Equipped for professionals, it features a CVT transmission with active stop control and double clutch technology as well as powerful hydraulics (125 l CCLS) to offer tomorrow’s technology today.

    By Glencom based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Tractors Product line

  • Altinoz - Model APEM 6 - Seed-drills

    Product: Seed-drill for spring crops, Model: APEM 6 SG, Product type: mounted, Number of rows: 6, Distance between rows, cm: 40-70, Capacity of seed hopper, l: 38, Capacity of fertiliser hopper, l: 610, Length, mm: 2050, Width, mm: 3900, Height, mm: 1750, Weight at full fertiliser hopper, kg: 1105, Weight at empty fertiliser hopper, kg: 845, ...

    By Glencom based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Seed-Drills Product line

  • PERLA - Model TAYFUN 2000 - Mounted Fodder Mixer

    It is designed for quick mixing of heterogeneous fodder and distribution in the feeders. The equipment can be used for mixing and packaging of mineral manure for farming purposes. The driving of the augers and the mixing mechanism is hydraulic. It could be mounted to 80 hp tractors. The hydraulic system and the way of mounting allows the product ...

    By Perla AD based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Cattle-Breeding Machinery Product line

  • GERPRO - Fruit Platform

    Type: Scissors. Weight: 1 420 kg. Maximum height above ground: 3,3m. Maximum working height: 5m. Working width: 3,3m. People amount: up to 8. Cargo: 2 tons. Client customized.

    By GERPRO Ltd based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Fruit Platform Product line

  • GERPRO - Cultivators Up to 16m

    Type: Trailed, heavy type, merged processing. Cultivator weight: 7 220 kg. Working width: 9.4m. Working depth: up to 160mm. Recommended tractor power: 270 – 300 h.p.

    By GERPRO Ltd based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Cultivators Product line

  • GERPRO - Row Crop Cultivatos

    Type: Semi-mounted, row crop with fertilizer import. Cultivator weight: 610 kg. Working width: 4 rows. Recommended tractor power: 25 – 80 h.p. Space adjusting: 60 – 80mm. Distance between soil and beam: 600mm. Client customized.

    By GERPRO Ltd based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Cultivators Product line

  • Agroremproject - Couplings for Cultivators

    They are designed ( serving as an intermediate part ) for combining together several agricultural machines from the same type, with the intention to effectivelly use the drawing effort of the tractor and increase the working width. It is also possible that other types of agricultural equipment are attached, different from the above stated, in case ...

    By Agroremproject -98 JSCo based in Rousse, BULGARIA. from Couplings Product line

  • LANCMAN - Model STi17 - Vertical Log Splitters

    Strong constructed log splitters, made for professional use, quality hydraulics, special designed wedge for better splitting, the leg of the splitter is made of full material.

    By Gomark d.o.o Office in Vransko, BULGARIA. from Log Splitter – Vertical Product line

  • KAMT - Model FА 0,76 - Tillers with Automatically Deflecting Section

    The automatic tiller works in fruit gardens with low and high stems of the trees. It is aggregated with tractors 40-60 h.p.

    By KAMT Joint-Stock Company based in Karnobat, BULGARIA. from Other Product line

  • Model TM3265, 3245, 3215 - Tractor

    TM series is classified into most compact tractor segment. Nevertheless, all new TM tractors provide excellent performance and high efficiency for professional and private users. The horsepower of 25, 23 and 20PS is selectable, and total nine model line-up including transmission type, Mechanical transmission or HST and ROPS type Center or Rear ...

    By Satnet Ltd. based in Karlovo, BULGARIA.

  • PEGAS - Reversible Ploughs

    The plough PEGAS achieves operational depth of 35 cm. We offer ploughs with 3 to 9 bodies as the necessary power of the tractor is from 80 hp to 350 hp. Ploughs with up to 5 operational bodies are offered with direct attachment to the tractor. Their working depth is adjusted mechanically by moving the wheel through the support screw. Ploughs with ...

    By Autolink based in Yambol, BULGARIA. from Farm Equipment Product line

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