Agriculture Management Equipment in Massachusetts

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    Myron L - Model Ag-Stik™ 599A - Agriculture Sensor Systems

    Features: Extremely simple set-up. Reliable Operation. Minimal Maintenance. Standard 115 VAC (230 VAC Optional). Sensor/STIK included with 10 ft. cord. EC Range 500-5000 μS/μM. NEMA 4X/IP65 Fiberglass Weatherproof, wall-mount enclosure with 316 stainless steel hardware standard.

    By Myron L Company Distributor in MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from In-Line Water Testing Monitor / In-Line Water Testing Controllers Product line

  • Model 550 - ecoFARMsystem

    It starts with a choice - In the face of rising energy prices and increasing agricultural regulations, the opportunity to recycle energy and reduce odors while creating soil amendments and high quality fertilizer can make sense to many farmers. These renewable resources can become a source of additional revenue for your farm.

    By Quasar Energy Group Office in Rutland, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Bolton - 3 Point Irrigation Pump

    This high capacity, high lift water pump is designed for flooding small bogs or feeding distributed sprinkling systems from streams or ponds. Depending on the lift it can move hundreds of gallons per minute. It can also be used to pump out flooded cellars (very quickly) or low lying areas around a building after a heavy rain. We believe this ...

    By Bolton Power Equipment based in Bolton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Robotic Citrus Harvesting System

    Energid technologies is developing a robotic citrus harvesting system with costs comparable to that of human labor. To achieve this, it uses multiple low-cost picking mechanisms organized into a grid. The gridded picking mechanisms are simple, with two degrees of freedom each for aiming and one degree of freedom in extension. The extending parts ...

    By Energid Technologies based in Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Model TRP-2 - Temperature and PAR Probe

    For use with our range of CO2 infrared gas analyzers. For over 25 years, PP Systems has been manufacturing high quality instrumentation and environmental sensors for researchers worldwide. The TRP-2 is designed for use with the EGM range of CO2 gas analyzers for measurement of temperature and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). However, it ...

    By PP Systems based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Environmental Probes & Sensors Product line

  • GaBi - Renewable Raw Materials - LCA Database

    Contains 157 processes and 2 plans: Fertilizers & pesticides, tractors & passes, agricultural equipment, industrial intermediate products, different crops like corn, wheat, hemp, flax, rape seat, soybean,... and many more. Special topic: the database contains several industrial intermediate products for e.g. producing Biopolymers or fuels.

    By thinkstep - A Sphera Company Office in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from GaBi Databases Product line

  • Phoenix - Composting Toilet

    The Phoenix is an aerobic composting system that transforms human waste into a rich, well-stabilized mulch. It is odorless, and requires no water for flushing, making it an environmentally friendly option that is suitable for full-time residences, public facilities, and seasonal camps of all kinds.

    By Advanced Composting Systems LLC (ACS) based in Whitefish, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Local Level Display & Remote

    Say you have an application where you want to display the level from 6 tanks right out at the tank farm and also display the data and collect it on your computer back in your office. You can do this with Precision Digital's Trident meter and MeterView software. We can provide the enclosure and the engraved labels so you have everything you need.! ...

    By Precision Digital Corporation based in Holliston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • UniSpec - Model SC - Spectral Analysis System

    Accurate measurement of leaf level reflectance has never been easier! The UniSpec-SC is a single channel (VIS/NIR), portable instrument commonly referred to as a “leaf reflectometer”.  It is an ideal instrument for measurement of lead level reflectance on individual leaves, as well as for use in ecosystem remote sensing ...

    By PP Systems based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Vegetation Reflectance Monitoring Product line

  • Fiberlock AfterShock - Model 8390-1-C4 - EPA Registered Fungicidal Coating – White

    AfterShock offers the ultimate combination of durability, application ease, and fungal resistance to address mold growth in nearly any situation. The white, antimicrobial coating kills residual mold and mildew remaining after pre-cleaning and disinfecting contaminated surfaces, and inhibits the future growth and spread of mold and mildew. ...

    By Fiberlock Technologies, Inc. based in Andover, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Mold Products - Fungicidal & Mold Resistant Coatings Product line

  • Hayden - Separator

    The Hayden Separator's main purpose is to sort the good from the bad cranberries. Available with either original wood block bearings or modem bail bearings. Features plexy glass guards for your safety. Powered by a 1/2 horse power electric motor. Various front grates available for different varieties of cranberries. Averages 50 barrels per day.

    By Hayden Manufacturing Company, Inc. based in West Wareham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cranberry Harvesting Equipment - Machines Product line

  • Alliance - Model 387 - Agriculture Radial Tires

    The Alliance 387 Farm Radial is a tire specially developed so as to not damage soil, grass and plants during operation. This Pattern is suitable for grassland and other sensitive terrain application on utility tractors and small implements used in golf courses, parks and vineyards. The higher void to rubber ratio provides larger effective ...

    By Alliance Tire Group (ATG) based in Wakefield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Agricultural - Tractor Radial Product line

  • Alliance - Model 327 - Flotation Bias Tires

    FarmPRO 327 Implement has a soil friendly tread design characterized by central ribs and shoulder lugs. The central ribs together with a wide and flat contact area provide lowest possible soil compaction and damage.

    By Alliance Tire Group (ATG) based in Wakefield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Flotation Tires- Flotation Bias Tires Product line

  • Pine Bark Nuggets

    A lightweight mulch comprised of large, unmilled bark pieces. The mulch has texture, good color, uniform size, and is perfect for the entry location of a home or business. Ideal as a decorative mulch and weed control.

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Soil Products Product line

  • Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

    A highly decorative and practical mulch for landscape beds. The Garden Pro Mini Nuggets creat a landscape bed very natural in appearance. Pine nuggets are uniform in size and compliment flowers that have lots of texture, evergreens, perennials and flowers. Popular for decades, this product is ideal for weed control and water conservation.

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Soil Products Product line

  • Cypress Mulch Blend

    The texture and color of natural Cypress Mulch is very decorative and will compliment the specimen plants in the beds. Looks exceptional against lush lawns. Widely used in southern states, but cherished by northern landscapers because of its beauty, when available. Ideal as a decorative mulch and for weed control.

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Soil Products Product line

  • Espresso Brown Colored Mulch

    Enhanced with a natural, non-toxic tint that will not fade. Espresso Brown is an inviting color to accent your landscape beds in a perfectly natural tone of rich, dark brown. During the height of dry weather and heat, Espresso Brown will not fade, looking as bright and fresh as the day it is installed. Ideal for weed control and moisture ...

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Soil Products Product line

  • Indigo - Microbial Technology

    Improve your yield, reduce your risk, and protect against environmental stress. Indigo Microbial Technology improves crop health and productivity in the face of environmental stress.

    By Indigo Ag, Inc based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from For Growers Product line

  • LactiCheck - Model Mini Series - Milk Analyzer

    The compact LactiCheck Mini Milk Analyzer provides a complete raw milk composition profile, including 10 parameters (including an optional pH measurement), in about 60 seconds! Robust and reliable, the LC-Mini offers three separate channels for testing cow, sheep and goat milk. The peristaltic pump and the unique flow-thru design facilitate high ...

    By Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Milk Analyzers Product line

  • LactiCyte - Model HD - Somatic Cell Counters

    The robust PC driven LactiCyte-HD provides rapid, accurate and affordable somatic cell counts for cow, goat, sheep and/or buffalo milk. The LactiCyte-HD covers a wide range (from 0.1 to 10,000,000 SCC/mL). The range for actionable outcomes can be customized by the User (i.e. 'Warning Level', 'Critical Level). Just insert a cartridge and test ...

    By Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Somatic Cell Counters Product line

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