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  • SMD LED Series

    SMD LED Series

    SMD LED SeriesSMD means surface mounted diode. This is a better technology than the first generation DIP LEDs. The SMD type LEDs are mounted on an aluminum substrate and enveloped in an epoxy resin. SMD LED package size: 5050, 3030, 2835, 3535, etc. Overview of SMD LED SeriesWhite SMD LEDNew generation patch high-power LED, imported PCT or EMC bracket, ultrathin packagi

  • 1000W Reflector HPS Lamps

    Performance Data of Reflector 1000W HPS LampsLight Output (LumenslOOHrs) 150000 Lamp Lumens Per Watt (Lumens/Watt) 150 Rated Life(Hrs. 10 Hr.lStrat) ...


  • 2019 industrial News

    US President Donald trump signed a presidential memorandum on February 22. which will impose a massive tariff on Chinese imports and restrict Chinese companies` investment in the us. according to the results of the "301 survey". Mr. Trump told the ...

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  • Sheep & EWE Incinerators

    Sheep & EWE Incinerators

    With landfill and rendering costs growing at an alarming rate the idea of self-owning a small capacity lamb incinerator for your own use is becoming more and more viable – especially now with our competitive range of finance options available.