Robot Harvesting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Premier Plant Producers

    Premier Plant Producers has been using Passfield since 2004 and traceability has been one of the key benefits. The batch numbers (which are allocated at the point an order is placed) can be traced throughout the processes on the nursery as well as the transport and invoicing systems in the office. Premier Plant Producers’ customers can quote these batch numbers from delivery notes, order ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Robotic Fruit Harvester

    Robotic Fruit Harvester

    FFRobotics Fresh fruit picker solution combines precise yet simple robotic controls, fast and accurate image processing, and advanced algorithms for picking and distinguishing usable produce and damaged, diseased and unripe fruit. The Harvester will be easily modified to pick different types of fresh fruit, making it useful over multiple harvesting seasons.