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  • Soil Moisture Sensor
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    Soil Moisture Sensor

    By Electronic and Technical Services Ltd (E&TS)

    For over 80 years Plant scientists have used soil moisture measurements as an effective method of determining irrigation. The automatic control of moisture measurement allows the accurate replenishment of water taken up ...

  • Liquid Calcium
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    Liquid Calcium

    By TETRA Technologies, Inc.

    As water quality declines due to increasing salinity, crops can experience injury and reduced yields. A cost effective, easy to use solution for dealing with poor water quality is TETRA`s Hi-Cal liquid calcium.

  • Plant Metabolite
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    Plant Metabolite

    By PlantResponse Biotech, S.L

    PRB31 is an efficient solution to promote plant growth under soil salinity stress conditions.

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  • Establecimientos Hefe SL.

    Establecimientos Hefe SL.

    HEFE is an international company focusing all its efforts since 2006 on providing technologically advanced products, thanks to various studies ...

  • Intellicrops bvba / Serra Maris bvba

    Intellicrops bvba / Serra Maris bvba

    Intellicrops is a company specialised in production of starting plant material (seeds, plants...) of saline crops. Saline crops are plants that ...

  • Zander Corporation

    Zander Corporation

    The Zander Corporation was formed in 2002 and is based in the village of Mells near Bath. in the U.K. Approximately 130 miles (209 km) south west of ...