Soil Conditioning Articles

  • Attitudes of farmers toward sludge use in the Gaza Strip

    The local production of organic fertiliser in the Gaza Strip is 66,800 m³/year, which represents only 8.5% of the required quantities. This means that farmers have to import 728,000 m³ of organic fertiliser per year, which costs around 10.2 Mio US$. The social survey carried out for more than 300 farmers in the Gaza Strip shows that the scarcity of organic fertilisers and their high prices could ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Defense characteristics of seral deciduous broad-leaved tree seedlings grown under differing levels of CO2 and nitrogen

    Mixed broad-leaved forests are abundantly populated by several kinds of herbivore species in northern Japan. The life of herbivores depends strongly on the quality of food leaves. Leaf quality is changing with increasing atmospheric CO2 and nitrogen deposition. Four seral species of deciduous broad-leaved tree seedlings (alder, birch, oak and maple) were raised in all four combinations of two ...

    By Springer

  • Consolidation Behavior of Clayey Soils Under Radial Drainage

    For Barron´s degree of consolidation, Ur, versus the time factor, Tr, relationship for soils undergoing consolidation with radial drainage for the equal vertical strain condition, a simple method has been developed to determine the value of the coefficient of consolidation with radial drainage, cr. Theoretical log10(d2e/t) versus Ur curves where de is the diameter of influence and t is the real ...

    By ASTM International

  • Laboratory Evaluation of Horizontal Stress in Overconsolidated Sands

    This paper describes a method for the determination of in situ horizontal stresses of heavily overconsolidated sands using a stress-path triaxial apparatus. This method was proposed by Garga and Khan (1991), who applied it to overconsolidated clays. The proposed method is based on the concept that if the radial stress exceeds the in situ horizontal stress while maintaining the axial stress ...

    By ASTM International

  • Strength Changes in Sand Following Cyclic Shear

    Static torsional simple shear tests were performed on poorly graded sand, with and without prior cyclic loading, to evaluate changes in static shear strength. Specimens were prepared at three densities (loose, medium, and dense) and were subjected to one of three levels of cyclic loading corresponding to 0.25, 0.50, or 0.75 times the static stress level, causing failure with no prior cyclic ...

    By ASTM International

  • Removal of Cementation Bonds in Stressed Overconsolidated Clays

    Soils develop cementation during and after formation because of the effects of stress, time, and environment. The effects of cement removal on the change of state of soil under stress are discussed in this paper. The change in the state of stiff, overconsolidated, cemented clay under stress is reflected by void ratio change when the cementation bonds are removed. The observed increases in void ...

    By ASTM International

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