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  • Agriculture Water Treatment System
    Showcase Product

    Agriculture Water Treatment System

    By Wellspring Water Technologies, LLC

    The Wellpure Water Treatment System Agricultural Version is available and can be configured for agricultural applications ranging from home orchards, avocado groves and urban farms to large scale, commercial farms. The ...

  • Tower Garden - Aeroponic Technology
    Showcase Product

    Tower Garden - Aeroponic Technology

    By LA Urban Farms

    The Tower Garden is a patented vertical aeroponic food production system designed for urban farms, rooftop gardens, residential use, and commercial growing operations. Because of its vertical design, the system is space ...

  • Compost Accelerator
    Showcase Product

    Compost Accelerator

    By Foodservice Sustainability Solutions, Inc.

    More than 36 million tons of food waste is generated, with only five percent diverted from landfills and incinerators for communal composting. Compost Accelerator CA-Series provies up to 90% on-site reduction of food ...

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  • Infarm - Indoor Urban Farming GmbH

    Infarm - Indoor Urban Farming GmbH

    The indoor farming movement has begun. No longer is the idea of growing fresh produce in your home a futuristic concept, it is happening now and it’s ...

  • American Society for Horticultural Science

    American Society for Horticultural Science

    Established in 1903, the American Society for Horticultural Science is recognized around the world as one of the most respected and influential ...

  • Valoya Oy

    Valoya Oy

    Valoya is a provider of wide spectrum LED grow lights. Valoya’s patented wide spectra are designed to optimise growth for a variety of plants in ...

  • aponix GmbH

    aponix GmbH

    The aponix vertical barrel is a solution to enable local or ‚hyperlocal‘ edible plant production in 3D. The mission is to eliminate food miles and ...

  • Helios Greenhouses

    We are the only supplier and distributor of Polydress Solawrap in the Pacific Northwest and carry a large line of commercial and urban farm sized ...