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  • Irrigation Application Management

    Irrigation Application Management

    The Irrigation Applications management takes all measurements of the inlet discharge and pressure at the pivot point and pivot end.Especially when the ground is uneven, where we take readings at the highest point. Preferably, this pressure value should be at least 5 PSI higher than the rated value of the pressure regulator, to ensure safety and proper operation, as the regulator must be r


  • Study finds shortcomings in handling algae attack

    THE economic and social impact of the algae outbreak which hit two important Norwegian salmon farming areas last May was more severe than first thought, a report has suggested. It also says some aspects in tackling the problem were not handled ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Munters Drive Cone Fans

    Munters Drive Cone Fans

    By installing the high efficiency EC motor known as ‘Munters Drive’ on the Euroemme® EC52 cone fans Munters has reached the highest level of efficiency and air flow. The electric motor Munters Drive bases its operating principle on Electronically Commutated technology (EC) and represents the latest solution in high efficiency electric motor, offering high performance and low ...