Agriculture Weighing

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  • Fruit Platform
    Showcase Product

    Fruit Platform

    By GERPRO Ltd

    Type: Scissors. Weight: 1 420 kg. Maximum height above ground: 3,3m. Maximum working height: 5m. Working width: 3,3m. People amount: up to 8. Cargo: 2 tons. Client customized.

  • Flamtastic Firelighter Sticks
    Showcase Product

    Flamtastic Firelighter Sticks

    By Lindner Suisse GmbH

    Packed, weighed and palletized are the stick in Swiss farms where people work with mental, physical and mental impairments, learning and living. Prices for larger quantities or display on request.  Do not hesitate ...

  • Animal Weighing Scales
    Showcase Product

    Animal Weighing Scales

    By Griffith Elder & Company Ltd

    The Griffith Elder Animal Weigher is a fully automatic weighing system, ideal for weighing your pigs, sheep, cows, or other livestock.

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    RDS Systems Limited

    RDS Systems has emerged as one of the leading product and service provider in the agricultural and industrial sectors in New Zealand for onboard ...

  • Dinamica Generale S.p.A.

    Dinamica Generale S.p.A.

    Dinamica Generale is an Italian company founded in Poggio Rusco (MN) in 1990. The company has focused on the research, development and production of ...