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  • Animal Husbandry2019

    Animal Husbandry2019

     RFID product has been prevalent in animal husbandry for RFID animal tracking such as rfid cattle tracking and quantity management. STAR TREND provides the RFID animal ear tags available in LF (125KHz), HF (13.56MHz) or UHF (860MHz ~96


  • The Dangers of Mad Cow Disease!

    The Dangers of Mad Cow Disease!

    For the first time in over ten years Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) better known as Mad Cow Disease has reared its head again in the UK with cases recorded on a farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland this October.

Equipment & Solutions

  • Small Implantable Thermo Logger

    Small Implantable Thermo Logger

    DST micro-T is a very small temperature probe. It measures and records temperature automatically with a customer defined interval. Recorded data is stored in the logger‘s internal memory with a real-time clock reference for each measurement and is retrieved after the study using a Communication Box. The temperature monitor can store up to 43,000 temperature measurements and has a battery ...