Cereal Monitoring

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  • Inline Samplers
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    Inline Samplers

    By Pfeuffer GmbH

    Automatic sampler for cereals, feedstuffs, seeds and similar bulk flow solids. Sampling is effected by means of a diverter with an open slot in the leading edge. The diverter is moved automatically through the stream ...

  • Grain Sampler
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    Grain Sampler

    By D.V. s.r.l.

    Pre-assembled easy to install. Suitable for any kind of cereals and flours. Homogeneus and true samples. Delivers the samples up to 100 meters.

  • Automated Measurement Analyzer
    Showcase Product

    Automated Measurement Analyzer

    By CHOPIN Technologies - a KPM Analytics company

    Automated measurement of the solvent retention capacity (SRC) profile. The principle of the SRC method (in accord with AACC Approved Method 56-11) is based on the preferential solvation and swelling of the three ...

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  • Gescaser, S.A.

    Gescaser, S.A.

    Gescaser, S.A. is born in 1973 from the need to preserve the grain during its storage stage, providing a detailed and continued information of the ...

  • D.V. s.r.l.

    D.V. s.r.l.

    DV is an Italian company operating since 1982 in the field of water-purification plants, belt and spiral transporters and sampling machines for grain ...

  • Pfeuffer GmbH

    Pfeuffer GmbH

    Pfeuffer is a manufacturer of quality control products related to the grain processing industries. Our core business are laboratory equipment for all ...

  • CHOPIN Technologies - a KPM Analytics company

    CHOPIN Technologies - a KPM Analytics company

    CHOPIN Technologies, KPM Analytics subsidiary, is specialized in methods and equipment for the quality control of cereals, flours, and their ...

  • Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    The company TPLG was founded in 1959 when French agriculture, after the US, was undergoing far-reaching technological changes. Indeed, the ...