Chlorophyll Fluorometer

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Exploring photosynthesis and plant stress using inexpensive chlorophyll fluorometers

    Mastering the concept of photosynthesis is of critical importance to learning plant physiology and its applications, but seems to be one of the more challenging concepts in biology. This teaching challenge is no doubt compounded by the complexity by which plants alter photosynthesis in different environments. Here we suggest the use of chlorophyll fluorometers in the undergraduate plant ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Classic Fluorometers

    Classic Fluorometers

    Aquation’s Classic Fluorometer series make chlorophyll a fluorescence measurements as simple as possible. These chlorophyll fluorescence systems measure the quantum yield of PSII photochemistry using the saturating pulse technique (PAM technique).  Both actinic and far red lights are included.  Users can develop their own custom programs.  They can also use preinstalled ...