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  • Artificial Coconut Tree

    Artificial Coconut Tree

    Introduction of Artificial Coconut Palm TreeArtificial coconut palm trees are a great way to add height, shade and tropical fun to the commercial space. Available up to 40 feet in height, these artificial beauties are wonderful landscapes that do not need specific caring or watering like real plants. 

  • Artificial Date Palm

    Artificial Date Palm

    Introduction of Artificial Date Palm TreeWe Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. supply artificial palms for sale, both the trunk and leaves are able to stand the strong sunshine by the means of the ...


  • Structurally complex forests better at carbon sequestration

    Structurally complex forests better at carbon sequestration

    Forests in the eastern United States that are structurally complex -- meaning the arrangement of vegetation is highly varied -- sequester more carbon, according to a new study led by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University.The study ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Brake Caliper

    Brake Caliper

    The Hilliard M300 brake caliper is a hydraulic applied, spring retracted brake caliper for use in heavy duty industrial applications. The brake caliper is suitable for outdoor applications and has been designed for use in many different extreme environments. The M300 brake caliper is capable of producing a maximum 10,600 LBF (47 kN) of braking force at 1600 PSI (110 Bar) and has been designed for ...