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  • Wet Sieving Apparatus
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    Wet Sieving Apparatus

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    The aggregate stability of a soil is the resistance of soil structure against mechanical or physico-chemical destructive forces. Soil structure is one of the main factors controlling plant growth by its influence on ...

  • In-Line Grain Samplers
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    In-Line Grain Samplers

    By Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    MOUSTICK is simple, unobtrusive, and functional. MOUSTICK fits anywhere in your grain handling installation, on flat surfaces as on curved walls (tubes). MOUSTICK comes in gravity chute mode or with vacuum intake. ...

  • Grain Sampler
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    Grain Sampler

    By Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    HERON 4000 - that is a sampling radius or 2900 mm. A 1.1 kW oscillating up/down-drive gearmotor is controlled through a variable frequence drive (for higher torque and electronic detection of the dumper bottom). ...

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  • Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    The company TPLG was founded in 1959 when French agriculture, after the US, was undergoing far-reaching technological changes. Indeed, the ...

  • Ipesa USA LLC

    Ipesa USA LLC

    Ipesa USA, LLC is the United States sales and distribution company for Ipesa – Rio Chico S.A. headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working out ...

  • TekPro Limited

    TekPro Limited

    TekPro is perhaps best known for the industry leading Samplex range of Bulk Samplers. These Grain Samplers use a unique, patented gravity-fed spear ...

  • Phosyn Analytical

    Phosyn Analytical

    Welcome to Phosyn Analytical where we turn soil analysis, water analysis and plant tissue analysis into results within 5 days to help you grow better ...

  • Kuchar Combines - Combine High Performance Parts Inc.

    Kuchar Combines - Combine High Performance Parts Inc.

    In 1983 George Kuchar started his business by designing Kuchar High Performance Combine Parts to help farmers increase productivity, get a better ...