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  • What is humic acid and what is humic acid organic fertilizer?

    Humic acid is a kind of water-insoluble polymer organic acid polymer with aromatic core as the main body and various functional groups. It includes humic acid (black humic acid + brown humic acid) and fulvic acid (yellow humic acid). Humic acid widely exists in nature and is an important part of soil organic matter. It combines with ammonium, sodium, potassium and other monovalent alkali metals ...

  • Managing Moisture: Navigating Drydown Decisions

    This season has been, without a doubt, one of the wettest since 2009. In many states, the excessive rain led to flooding and late planting. On my family farm in North Central Iowa, like on many farms ...


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  • 3-Axle Aluminum Walking Floor Trailer

    3-Axle Aluminum Walking Floor Trailer

    Terry Devos operates a small fleet of walking-floor trailers in southwestern Ontario. He hauls wood chips and garden mulch for nurseries in New York and Pennsylvania, then comes home loaded with up to 33 metric tons (72,000 lb) of corn and feed. Devos started his business with a single trailer and now runs four units in total. Devos says `The Titan trailer is strong and straight and it lasts ...