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  • Managing Moisture: Navigating Drydown Decisions

    Managing Moisture: Navigating Drydown Decisions

    This season has been, without a doubt, one of the wettest since 2009. In many states, the excessive rain led to flooding and late planting. On my family farm in North Central Iowa, like on many farms throughout the Corn Belt, it was so wet that we couldn’t get into the field to plant on schedule. And the continued wet weather means that now high and variable grain moisture levels are ...

  • Detecting salinity stress in crops

    Detecting salinity stress in crops

    Salinity inhibits growth and development in crops. Due to the extent of damage salinity causes to agriculture, it is identified as a major threat to food production. Therefore, practices to deal with ...


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  • Seed Test Papers

    Seed Test Papers

    Grade 3014 seed testing pleated strips for testing particularly sensitive seeds. Owing to their extremely high purity our seed testing papers provide reliable and reproducible results. The papers are made from pure cellulose without any additives and do not contain any substances that could influence the growth of the seeds. The constant water absorption of the papers ensures the continuous ...