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Irrigation Control equipment for Agriculture Monitoring

  • Agrónic - Model 4000 - Irrigation Controllers

    The most complete controller for conventional fertigation, to- tally configurable and adaptabl e to any need of every user.  Its multiply use and expansion  possibilities offer to the owner all the work modalities available at present time

    By Sistemes Electrònics Progrés S. A. based in Bellpuig, SPAIN. from Irrigation Controllers Product line

  • Model 9500CC - Custom Corner System

    With its unique ability to create a custom irrigation program based on your field's characteristics, the 9500CC Custom Corner system is easy to use and makes the most of the land you already farm.

    By Husker Irrigation, LLC. based in Holdrege, NEBRASKA (USA).

  • Model HRC 100 C - Irrigation Controllers

    This straightforward, user-friendly sprinkler controller combines simplicity of operation with feature-rich flexibility. For starters, the HRC 100 C is enclosed in an indoor/outdoor UL approved case capable of 4,6,9 or 12 watering stations. Each model offers three independent programs– A, B and C –with up to four start times per ...

    By HYDRO-RAIN based in North Salt Lake, UTAH (USA). from Irrigation Controllers Product line

  • Model ET107 - Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station

    Campbell Scientific’s ET107 is an automated system designed for commercial agriculture and irrigation scheduling. The station calculates potential evapotranspiration (ETo), which is the amount of water lost from the soil due to evaporation and plant transpiration. Calculating a crop’s evapotranspiration rate can aid in the development ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. based in Logan, UTAH (USA). from Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station Product line

  • TEI Controls - Drip Irrigation Control Panel

    The TEI Controls Drip Irrigation Control Panelis designed to provide programmable control of up to 30 irrigation zones, backwash control of up to 10 filters, and motor control for 2 pumps. The system employs a programmable logic controller with a color touch screen Operators Interface Console, housed in a Nema 4X fiberglass enclosure. Single-phase ...

    By TEI Controls (TT) based in Cedar Park, TEXAS (USA).

  • Climate and Irrigation Controlling

    Asthor equips its greenhouses with the best climate and irrigation controllers and sensors when required. Our teams advise, install and set up different controllers and sensors, depending on the customer needs and the project. Asthor also provides great variety of irrigation controllers, advising, installing and setting up the best solution for ...

    By Asthor Agrícola, S.A. based in Gijón, SPAIN. from Climate and Irrigation Controlling Product line

  • Model Mi-144 - Multi-Wire Controllers

    The Mi-144 irrigation controller runs 16 valves as standard but can be upgraded to support 144 valves using expansion boxes and additional output cards. Each expansion box can accommodate four 16 valve output cards.

    By Heron Electric based in Ford, Nr. Arundel, UNITED KINGDOM. from Multi-Wire Controllers Product line

  • Dial Tap Timer

    For simple and easy operation this unit has just two dials - watering duration and watering frequency. Screws directly to an outdoor tap. Watering duration dial: Minutes: 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 Watering frequency dial: Every 3, 6 or 12 hours, once a day or every 2, 3, 4 or 7 days. Requires 1 x 9v battery (average life 1 year). Pressure range: 1 ...

    By Access Irrigation Ltd based in Northampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dial Tap Timer Product line

  • Galconette - Bluetooth Controller

    A simple reliable tap timer with a large display and plenty of features. The Bluetooth enabled controller allows remote programming using an iPhone or Android device. Manual rain over-ride button cancels the days watering, or watering can be cancelled for several days, remotly via the App. Screws directly to an outdoor tap. Up to 4 starts per day ...

    By Access Irrigation Ltd based in Northampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bluetooth Controller Product line

  • Flow Station

    The FlowStation is a powerful shared flow controller that allows up to 30 BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers to share water resources. Whether you have one large mainline across a property, or you are combining controllers across multiple mainlines, the FlowStation offers the features and flexibility to tackle the job.

    By Baseline Inc based in Boise, IDAHO (USA).

  • Solar Sync - Model ET - Irrigation Control Sensor

    The Solar Sync ET sensor is an advanced weather sensor that calculates evapotranspiration (ET) and adjusts Hunter controllers daily based on local weather conditions. Solar Sync measures sunlight and temperature, and uses ET to determine the correct seasonal adjustment percentage value to send to the controller. The controller then uses its ...

    By Hunter Industries based in San Marcos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Irrigation Control Sensor Product line

  • Aquamonix - Hybrid Multi-Purpose Controller

    Aquamonix’s Hybrid Irrigation Controller is a versatile irrigation controller and helps in irrigation automation that allows you for multiple control methods and can be stand alone or networked to the Aquamonix Micro Central Control System. The Aquamonix irrigation Controller operates with a range of power inputs, and is suitable for mains ...

    By Aquamonix based in Milperra, AUSTRALIA. from Hybrid Multi-Purpose Controller Product line

  • Plant Raisers

    At Plant Raisers we understand the importance of controlling the root environment in the rockwool plug or block. We have two independent irrigation control systems so that we can always water at the correct times with the ideal feed. We have bulk stock tanks for the diluted feed used for watering seedlings and also for wetting up rockwool blocks.

    By Plant Raisers Ltd based in Howden, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Nelson Irrigation - Model 800 Series - Control Valve

    The Manual On-Off model of the 800 Series Control Valve is a hydraulically operated sleeve type valve with a manual control function.

    By Nelson Irrigation Corporation based in Walla Walla, WASHINGTON (USA). from Control Valve Product line

  • H2 - Model R700 HYDRO - Irrigation Controller

    Hydroponic controller specifically designed for closed and/or recirculation systems. This unit uses Electric Conductivity (EC) and pH to control fertilizer dosage in the nutrient solution. These units fit to perfection for pure based systems or substrate based systems with recirculation. Our irrigation controllers are the result of 10 years of ...

    By H2 Hydroponics based in SPAIN. from Irrigation Controller Product line

  • Galcon - Model 6100 Series - Battery-operated Irrigation Controllers

    Galcon’s 6100 series consists of battery-operated irrigation controllers. These waterproof (IP68) and humidity resistant controllers are highly suitable for underground installations without any need for external power connections. This new generation of sophisticated controllers utilizes the latest sealing technology for improved water ...

    By Galcon based in Kfar Blum, ISRAEL. from Battery-operated Irrigation Controllers Product line

  • Mains Underground Valves

    For a neat installation in the garden, the control valves can be buried under the lawn or in a border, keeping all of the pipework out of sight. A pressurised water supply is required to the valve box and a mains powered controller (Galcon GQ or Heron - not included) is needed to operate the valves using low voltage, multi-core cable (not ...

    By Access Irrigation Ltd based in Northampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Mains Underground Valves Product line

  • K-Rain - Model Pro Ex 2.0 - Irrigation Controller

    The Pro EX 2.0 Modular Irrigation Controller can be easily expanded from 4 to 16 stations. The largest backlit display on the market, user-friendly programming and responsive touch pad takes Pro EX 2.0 to a whole new level for irrigation controllers. The new optional remote capability expands irrigation control right in your hand.

    By K-Rain Manufacturing Corp. based in Riviera Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Irrigation Controller Product line

  • Arma - Single Orifice Air Valve

    Single Air Valves ensure that air in the pipe will be automatically evacuated when pipeline is filled with water. Air is evacuated quickly so that water will not make back pressure and affect flow negatively. When water in pipeline is drained, air enters into pipe quickly in such a way that it will not create vacuum. It is proposed that double air ...

    By Armas Su Armaturleri San ve Tic AS based in KONYA, TURKEY. from Single Orifice Air Valve Product line

  • Model Indoor - Hunter X-Core Irrigation Controller

    Hunter XC Irrigation Controllers Entry-Level Residential Controller with Extra Flexibility, Features, and Memory The new Hunter XC presents handy water management control in a compact, user-friendly controller that is capable of meeting the irrigation requirements for a wide range of residential landscapes. Simply put, the XC brings a whole lot ...

    By Irrigation Express based in Mt Maunganui, NEW ZEALAND.

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