Livestock Tagging

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  • Ear Tagging System
    Showcase Product

    Ear Tagging System

    By OS ID

    Combi 2000® visual tags are Europe’s most popular tagging system for farm animals. For livestock owners and other participants in the production chain, Combi tags are a sign of quality. They safeguard the ...

  • Stick Reader
    Showcase Product

    Stick Reader

    By Shearwell Data Ltd.

    The SDL stick reader is designed for use in harsh environments. It uses Bluetooth technology to send data to PCs, mobile phones, a mobile printer and the Handheld Stock Recorder. The stick reader can ...

  • Coded Transmitters
    Showcase Product

    Coded Transmitters

    By Vemco

    The V7 coded transmitter, 7 mm in dia-meter, was developed to provide researchers with the means to track the behaviour patterns of small and juvenile fish. This tag is particularly suited for seamless monitoring of ...

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  • Nordic Star

    Nordic Star

    Nordic Star Limited was founded in 1996. It started as a small business selling agricultural products and began specialising in animal ID products in ...

  • Tirday Kala

    Tirdaykala (TDK) is a company located in Tehran which is doing business in the field of husbandry and dairy farms equipment. We are a group of some ...

  • Carmel Group Inc

    Carmel Group Inc

    Carmel Group Inc. began in 1974 with a simple goal: A quality product at a fair price. We are a leading manufacturer of animal markers, crayons, and ...

  • Z Tags

    Z Tags

    Z Tags was introduced in North America in the early 1990’s with the goal of getting premium quality tags into the hands of every farmer and rancher ...

  • Allflex UK Group Ltd

    Allflex UK Group Ltd

    The Allflex Group is a World leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of animal identification technology – helping livestock producers use ...