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Livestock Tagging equipment for Agriculture Monitoring

  • Shearwell - Automatic Drafting Systems

    Shearwell systems allow you to draft out animals based on any saved criteria as well as by the animal’s current weight. The 'in' gate and the multiple 'out' gates are all fully pneumatically-controlled to provide the ultimate in automatic drafting. Shearwell Data has developed this system using the Handheld Stock Recorder and FarmWorks ...

    By Shearwell Data Ltd. based in Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM. from Weighing and Drafting Product line

  • TagFaster - Model STAGF2 - Automatic Sheep Tag Applicator

    TagFaster is easy to load - and quick. You KNOW when the tags are in the correct loaded position because you can’t pull them back out again; they’re locked in. However you can remove them by tipping the little lever on the side of the gun – easier and better than any other products available.

    By Roxan based in Selkirk, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sheep Tags - TagFaster Product line

  • Model S04 - Squeeze Chutes

    Priefert’s number one selling squeeze chute of all time, the S04 heavy duty Squeeze Chute helps take the “work” out of working cattle. Designed to be “Easy on the Cow, Easy on the Cowboy,” this chute offers a number of features that make it one of the safest chutes on the market for animals and operators. With our ...

  • Model S01 - Squeeze Chutes

    Nicknamed 'The Rancher', the S01 squeeze chute is the obvious choice for economy-minded ranchers. It includes the Model 64 manual headgate. Offering all the essentials, the S01 Squeeze Chute is Priefert’s most economically priced model and is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or durability to save money. Nicknamed ...

  • Avid - Self Tuning Dual Mode Industrial Stationary Reader

    ISO Self-tuning Dual Mode reader is available with flat panel antenna and can be mounted in alleyway so animal’s RFID device can be read as the animal passes. The number can be transmitted to computer, weight scale, or sort gate. Reader reads ISO compliant fdx and hdx devices, including EID ear tags, rumen bolus and microchips. Self Tuning ...

    By EZid LLC based in Greeley, COLORADO (USA). from Heavy Duty Readers Product line

  • Herdsman - Two-Piece Tags

    Durable tag materials resist damage in hot or cold climates.

    By Z Tags based in Temple, TEXAS (USA). from 2-Piece Tag Product line

  • DoggTag - Ear Tag

    The DoggTag which is attached to the ear of the herd animal has on-board smart radio and sensors.

    By HerdDogg based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Moocall - Model RFID - Long Range Eartags

    Contains 25 Moocall RFID long range eartags. These ear tags will not interfere with any other RFID tags, and are not reusable.

    By Moocall Ltd based in Blackrock, IRELAND.

  • Hastag - RFID Bovine Eartags

    Metal tip and plastic tip available.

    By Ayvetsan based in Lalahan, TURKEY. from Bovine Eartags Product line

  • Allflex - Senior Ultra Primary and Secondary Cattle Tags

    Here we see Allflex’s largest official cattle tag used for both the Primary and Secondary tag combining excellent visibility and print quality.  The materials used are of the highest quality using supple plastic with no sharp edges and the Allflex 'ultra' fastening system leaves the tag to freely rotate yet gives an extremely high ...

    By Allflex UK Group Ltd based in Stanley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Tags -Main Runs Product line

  • Arctic Charr and Lake Trout

    The breeders origins from populations of alpine lakes. Suitable for stocking in alpine lakes, reservoirs and dams, as well as for the production of seafood. The fish are raised in netcages with live zooplankton and therefore are extremely vital and of high stocking value. A high growth rate as well as an excellent meat combined with a nice colour ...

    By Aquaculture Technology based in Kitzbuehel, AUSTRIA. from Fishes Product line

  • CattleLink - Model NLIS - Management Tool

    CattleLink combined with the NLIS system offers an excellent management tool. The fast capture of electronic tags of handled animals has the following time saving benefits: Accurate and efficient capture and processing of animal weights. Rapid and accurate recording of animal drenches and treatments. Quick identification of animals included in ...

    By HerdLink based in Camden, AUSTRALIA.

  • Datamars - AirStick EID Tag Reader

    All your sheep & cattle information read, stored and organised. With its ergonomic and well-balanced wand, the AirStick can read electronic and visual ID tags while you keep at a safe and comfortable distance. Simply click a button and the animal’s ID data will be displayed on the AirStick’s clear screen where you can zoom text of ...

    By Roxan based in Selkirk, UNITED KINGDOM. from EID Readers - Tag Readers Product line

  • ARDES - Feedlot Visual Ear Tags

    The visual range is composed of female and male ear tags, blank or printed, as well as applicators for installation. Our visual ear tags suit to all breeders of Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Swine with different choices of ear tag sizes and colors.

    By ARDES based in Saint Chef, FRANCE. from Identification - Visual Ear Tags Product line

  • Karetag - Model BB100 - Cattle Ear Tags

    Karetag Eartag company manufacturer of visual and electronic ear tags for animals in Turkey. Our eartags animals that do not harm the health, Sun U.V.A. different climatic conditions between -30 C to +65 C against radiation and is manufactured from chemically resistant. Animal identification systems written with laser technique and successfully ...

    By Karetag Eartag based in Buca-İzmir, TURKEY.

  • Cattle Feeder Tags

    Temple Feeder & Super Feeder Tags are designed for short term use, less than 12 months, and work seamlessly with our portable Temple Hot Stamp Machines.

    By Z Tags based in Temple, TEXAS (USA). from Feeder / Feedlot Tags Product line

  • Fesma - Model FK2 - Squeeze Crush

    FK2 – automatically fixing front, low sheet metal sides and sliding doors in the back. Can be (or is) equipped with an anti-reverse movement system.

    By Fesma Alu OÜ based in Alu alevik, ESTONIA. from Beef Cattle Squeeze Crushes Product line

  • Fesma - Model FK3 - Squeeze Crush

    FK3-automatically fixing front, higher sheet metal sides, 4 openable hatches on the sides, anti-reverse movement system, and sliding doors in the back.

    By Fesma Alu OÜ based in Alu alevik, ESTONIA. from Beef Cattle Squeeze Crushes Product line

  • No-Snag-Tag - Model Z1 - One-Piece Livestock Ear Tag

    The original Z1 No-Snag one-piece livestock ear tag, was introduced more than 25 years ago, and it’s still the best one-piece ear tag you can buy.

    By Z Tags based in Temple, TEXAS (USA). from 1-Piece Tag Product line

  • Sol Chip - Livestock Sensors

    The farming industry is an important sector of the global economy with an annual turnover of hundreds of billion dollars. This sector consumes large land size for farming and employs couple of million people worldwide. Cattle, colloquially referred to as cows, are domesticated and raised as livestock for meat (called beef and veal), It is ...

    By Sol Chip Ltd. based in Haifa, ISRAEL.

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