Plant cell culture

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  • Caladium Cerise
    Showcase Product

    Caladium Cerise

    By AgriStarts, Inc.

    Caladium 'Cerise' (Pha Ya Mol), has dusky pruple leaves with black veins wich are splattered with vivid pink flecks. This Thailand Caladium produces a stout wide leaf. Tissue culture produces superior Thailand ...

  • Tissue Culture Chambers
    Showcase Product

    Tissue Culture Chambers

    By CLF Plant Climatics GmbH

    This chamber product was specifically designed for plant cell culture. Chambers are designed as stand-alone units or as two level units to allow for separate growing environments within one small footprint.

  • Bio Stimulant & Plant Defense Elicitor
    Showcase Product

    Bio Stimulant & Plant Defense Elicitor

    By Hydros, Inc., Environmental Diagnostics

    Elicitors can be added to your products to broaden their function and customer appeal. Elicitors are natural substances that can induce defense responses when applied to plant tissues or cultured plant cells. The most ...

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  • AG 3, Inc.

    AG 3, Inc.

    AG 3, Inc. is a liner producer specializing in perennials, grasses, hosta, bulbs, tropical foliage and carnivorous plants. Our tissue culture ...