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  • Water Parks
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    Water Parks

    By atg UV Technology

    As water features, wave machines, flumes and splash pads raise the fun factor in swimming pools, the traditional method of disinfecting water by using chlorine is causing problems for operators and customers alike. ...

  • Ultrafiltration Plants
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    Ultrafiltration Plants

    By Lenntech Water Treatment

    Lenntech engineers design and build tailor-made ultrafiltration plants. Our UF plants are build with hollow fiber outside-in membranes, up to 100 m3/h, to purify surface or groundwater from suspended solids, colloids ...

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  • Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria

    Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria

    This unique resource reviews progress made by scientists researching into how ambient changes in the wavelength, intensity, direction and duration of ...

  • Plant Relationships

    Plant Relationships

    Since the publication of the first edition of "The Mycota Vol. V – Plant Relationships" in 1997, tremendous advances in fungal molecular biology and ...