Plant Transpiration Monitoring

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  • Soil Moisture Monitoring – Pastures Case Study

    Soil Moisture Monitoring – Pastures Case Study

    Agriculture Victoria has installed several soil moisture probes on a range of soil and pasture types across Victoria.Soil moisture probes have helped with making early decisions in the cropping industry for some time with monthly analysis produced as a newsletter by Dale Boyd.The probes are capacitance enviropro probes manufactured in South Australia and are 80 centimetres long with eigh


Equipment & Solutions

  • Soil Moisture Portable Kits

    Soil Moisture Portable Kits

    The WET Kit provides researchers with a powerful portable tool for assessing growing conditions in soils and substrates. The WET Kit measures and displays 3 important variables that influence plant growth: water content, temperature and pore water conductivity (ECp) – the EC of the water available to the plant. The kit comprises a WET Sensor, an HH2 Moisture Meter (readout unit) and a carry ...