Postharvest Monitoring

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  • Characteristics of postharvest quality in regional fruits treated with ionising radiation

    Quality postharvest of three cultivated species of the Northeast Region of Brazil was evaluated after receiving ionising radiation. Cashew peduncles (Anacardium occidentale L. var. Nanum) stored for 14 days under 6.5°C had presented best results in the sensorial analyses for external appearance, flavour and aroma when irradiated with 1 kGy. Sapodillas (Manilkara sapodilla (L) Van Roy en) ...


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  • Ethylene Postharvest Analyser

    Ethylene Postharvest Analyser

    Ethylene (ISO name Ethene) coming from sour flower bulbs is very harmfull for flower bulbs during the period of preservation. To high concentrations Ethylene can lead to gumming, loss of weight, separation of the flower bulbs and flower drying out. Out of fear for Ethylene one often ventilates more than necessary. This costs a lot of energy and leads to drying out of the flower bulbs.