Agriculture Monitoring Equipment in Illinois

  • Scot Forge - Complex Forged Shapes

    For more than a century, Scot Forge has been a leader in providing forged solutions for complex, intricate shapes. To continue this tradition we provide a dedicated forge development team with over 100 years of combined hands-on experience, coupled with the latest simulation software to offer unique solutions. Collaborating closely with customers, ...

    By Scot Forge based in Spring Grove, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Metatron - Model 21 Series - Milk Monitoring Systems

    For over 30 years, Metatron milk monitoring systems have led the industry in accuracy, reliability and ease of use. With Metatron 21 from GEA Farm Technologies we have extended our lead in milk metering technology.  Get real time, accurate milk metering and complete dairy farm management control at your fingertips with instant data access.

    By GEA Farm Technologies based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Milk Monitoring Systems Product line

  • Parallel - Tracking System

    Müller-Elektronik offers the TRACK-Leader app for parallel tracking. This app enables the driver to drive along parallel tracks accurately even in poor visibility conditions. Obstacles can be marked and field data such as boundaries and guidance lines can be saved (more information under TRACK-Leader). With TRACK-Leader steering assistance ...

    By Müller-Elektronik GmbH und Co. KG Office in Wakarusa, ILLINOIS (USA). from Tracking System Product line

  • DICKEY-john - Model GAC & GAC Plus - Grain Moisture Analyzers

    Measuring grain moisture straight from the field has never been easier than with the DICKEY-john mini GAC  family of handheld  grain moisture analyzers. These award winning handheld moisture testers offer the highest level of accuracy in their class, plus mini GACs are fast and easy to use.

    By DICKEY-john Corporation based in Auburn, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • EXAMO - Model 300 F - Tensiometer

    Ideal for measurements directly on the construction site. Optionally with data recording to a USB stick for all measurements. Clamp separation 300 mm.

    By Leister Technologies LLC based in Itasca, ILLINOIS (USA). from Tensiometer Product line

  • Stucchi - Model FIRG Series - Flat-Face Interchange Couplings

    The FIRG flat face series, the original ISO 16028 interchangeable coupling, continues to offer good performance, long life and competitive pricing. The integrated sealing mechanism greatly reduces premature wear caused by movement between coupler and nipple parts affected by impulse pressure and the weight of the hoses and tubing when the coupling ...

    By Stucchi, Inc. based in Romeoville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Flat-Face Interchange Couplings Product line

  • EXAMO - Model 600 F - Tensiometer

    Ideal for measurements directly on the construction site. Optionally with data recording to a USB stick for all measurements. Clamp separation 600 mm.

    By Leister Technologies LLC based in Itasca, ILLINOIS (USA). from Tensiometer Product line

  • L.B. Foster - Flat Sheet (PS) Piling

    Compared to Z - Pile, PS sheet piles offer minimal beam strength. They are typically used for circular cell design. This application applies hoop stress to the sheets, which is transferred to the interlock. The PS Thumb & Finger (T&F) interlock is a three-point contact connection that provides superior pull strength to counter those ...

    By L.B. Foster Home Office in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Flat Sheet (PS) Piling Product line

  • vSet Select - Multi-Hybrid Planter

    No more missed yield potential. Multi-hybrid planting is here. You aim to maximize yield by planting the hybrid that will do the best, on average, across the whole field. But yield environments often change in the same field, calling for different hybrids in different areas. You've had to make compromises, but not anymore. With the radically new ...

    By Precision Planting, Inc. based in Tremont, ILLINOIS (USA). from Multi-Hybrid Planter Product line

  • Model 1520 - Integral Drill

    The 1520 Integral Drill features John Deere double-disk openers that place your seed accurately. Opener blades are offset a quarter-inch for better penetration. A narrow, 10-degree angle between blades means a lower pinch point and more consistent seed trenches.

    By John Deere based in Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Integral Drill Product line

  • Comfort - Terminals

    The COMFORT-Terminal is ISOBUS-compatible and meets the highest demands of precision farming. With the ISOBUS-UT app (Universal Terminal) this device meets the ISOBUS 11783 standard and can be used on any machine which complies with this standard, regardless of manufacturer. It offers all the basic functions needed to operate an ISOBUS machine and ...

    By Müller-Elektronik GmbH und Co. KG Office in Wakarusa, ILLINOIS (USA). from Terminals Product line

  • John Deere - Model 1770 - Front-Fold Flex

    To get the best crop, seed must be planted at the right time, at the right depth, with the right spacing and with the right fertilizer program. That’s why we made the 1770 Planters more flexible – to match the way you farm.

    By John Deere based in Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Front-Fold Flex Product line

  • FieldScout - Model CM 1000 - Chlorophyll Meter

    FieldScout CM 1000 Chlorophyll Meter; “Point-and-shoot” technology to instantly measure relative chlorophyll content; Detects stress earlier than visual monitoring. Technology based on an exclusive patent license from NASA. Laser guides outline the edges of the measured sample area. Calculates and displays a running average for ...

    By Spectrum Technologies, Inc based in Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA). from Chlorophyll Meter Product line

  • FieldScout - Model TCM 500 - NDVI Turf Color Meter

    Turfgrass quality is visually evaluated by human assessors based on a scale of 1 (dead grass) to 9 (perfect grass) in the current assessment method. This evaluation practice has several disadvantages and therefore, there is the need for a better evaluation technique. Individual biases are inevitable and lead to some level of inconsistency, even ...

    By Spectrum Technologies, Inc based in Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA). from NDVI Turf Color Meter Product line

  • Toxic Mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) Plush Doll

    The presence of the fungus Stachybotrys chartarum in buildings is significant because of its ability to produce Mycotoxins, such as Satratoxin H, Trichoverrol, and Cyclosporins that possess cytotoxic, immunological, carcinogenic effects in humans.

    By EMLab P&K Office in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Toxic Mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) Plush Doll Product line

  • Model 200a - Grain Weigh

    Capacity:200 Bushel. Weigh Tronix ScaleSystem-2 lb Increment. Hydraulically Driver Stratton Enginei by 18HP Briggs & Tandem . Axles:14,000 1b. Electric Brakes. Empty Weight:3,340 lbs. Tongue Weight: 100-150 lbs (requires 2-5/16' ball) Paint:Powder Coated. Height from groundto auger opening: 13'

    By Par-Kan Company Office in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Grain Weigh Product line

  • Scot Forge - Hubs/Tooled Forgings

    The thousands of in-stock tools at our hammer and press plants provide us with the ability to produce both simple and complex hub near net forgings. As the material fills the tool or tools, directional grain flow is produced, giving strength, ductility, and resistance to impact and fatigue. These forgings are available in an infinite variety of ...

    By Scot Forge based in Spring Grove, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • DeMuth - Roller Mills

    DeMuth Roller Mills are designed and manufactured from the inside out to provide years of reliable, consistent operation. The rolls are CNC machine cut from alloy steel, then hardened by heat treating to 53-60 Rockwell C. This process ensures an accurate and consistent depth of teeth, along with extremely precise pitch spacing. Rolls are balanced ...

    By DeMuth Steel Products, Inc. Office in Rockford, ILLINOIS (USA). from Roller Mills Product line

  • AgriNIR - Model NIR - Portable Forage Analyzer

    AgriNIR is a portable NIR forage analyzer that quantifies the percentage of moisture (dry matter), crude protein, starch, ADF, NDF and ash of the plant material being analyzed in seconds. Now you can analyze the feed for your livestock everyday and adjust your cow’s the diet in real time. Farmers and nutritionists, a well as consultants will ...

    By Dinamica Generale S.p.A. Office in St. Charles,, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • TeeJet - Model Aeros 9040 - Field Computers

    With the perfect combination of innovative new technology and tried and true subsystems, the Aeros 9040 offers the capabilities you need to get the most of your precision farming investment. Aeros is a complete field computer that offers precision guidance, auto-steering, application rate control, mapping, variable rate application, Automatic Boom ...

    By TeeJet Technologies based in Springfield, ILLINOIS (USA). from Field Computers Product line

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